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MISS UNIVERSE GHANA is going to be Miss Universe Ghana…But the ‘New Management’ would Flourish More, if They Learn to Listen Even When No One is Talking

miss universe ghana menaye

Miss Universe Ghana Organization

Ciao, mia cara Menaye Donkor and your MALZ Promotions family.

Congratulations are in order as you have taken up what seems to be a duty, that is without mincing words, important to Ghana. Congratulations on the launch, but you must be reminded that the main job had long started even before this day; albeit, it is well ooo!!

Plus or minus as of the time of scribbling this, it was about 1 year, 9 months, 6 days, 15 hours, 43 minutes and 10 seconds since Hilda Akua Frimpong became the last winner of the Miss Universe Ghana pageant under the ‘old regime’. As it stands, it is no news that your predecessors didn’t do Ghana any good during their time; they handled the pageant as if they were forced to do so. They handled the pageant with so much sentiments, lies, shoddiness and so much transparency.

Anyway, let us say that this is a new era, but lest we forget, your predecessors took away smiles from the faces of young beautiful girls; but today, some are happy doing other things, though may still be harboring bitterness at the brand.

So since you have taken over the Miss Universe Ghana pageant, the past participants, industry spectators and sponsors would be gleefully expectant and as well monitoring with eyeballs to eyeballs communicating at every step your new management strides. However, you wouldn’t blame them because of the track record your predecessor laid from the onset.

We know that this year’s competition is in commemoration of “Ghana at 60”, and if organized beautifully well, your success story will go leaps and bounds.

We know that preparations are underway for an ostentatious event. Take your time to carefully sieve those that you draw closer on this project, give no room for fret, be the boss and enjoy it. In this your new journey, don’t fail to hold your grip, remember that you have so many people to prove to – that Miss Universe Ghana is indeed under a new management.

Over the years, your predecessors joked with Ghanaians by orchestrating the hands of their judges, disrespecting their contestants and among other despicable things that time will not permit to relay here.

In this new era, remember that you have an obligation to fulfill and expectations to exceed. As for us -the entertainment pundits we shall be watching- hoping that what appear to be a messiah would throw competition of class, transparency, excellence and black beauty to the Miss Ghana, Ghana’s Most Beautiful, Miss Malaika, Miss Nigeria Ghana and the likes of Miss This, Miss That, Miss blah, blah, blah.

If you can ‘right’ some (if not all the) ‘wrongs’ with your coming in as the new ‘Boss Lady’, you would remain uncatchable!



This feature was originally written by AFRICAN ENTERTAINMENT Regional Editor.

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