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Mo is inspired and wants to share her ONLINE BUSINESS with you

The internet has now become the source of incoming for a majority of enthusiasts who are on a mission to do something creative, hence earn money using creativity.

This increasing trend of the internet has permitted the masses to earn money by way of previously non-existent channels. As a result, selling various products as well as services online has become a prevailing fashion for people to earn money.

Starting an online business is not as easy as it may look, you don’t just post your product or services online and immediately get customers and clients, it takes time, you have to put in work required to sustain a business online.

If you are planning to start your business online or you are having a few difficulties maintaining your business online, here are a few tips for you

Have A Business Plan – Before you start a business, online or not you need a proper strategic business plan to follow. Your business plan should include a niche in which you should work with or stick to, at the same time; it must also give an insight into an idea of the possibility of the success that you are going to achieve.

Understand The Market, Focus On Your Customers – You need to understand your market, your target market, focus on your customers and not just followers, there is a difference between having huge followership and having potential clients. Let you the language you speak as a brand speaks to your target market. Get acquainted with your client base and then try to get better at your craft.

Advertising Is The Key – Never stop advertising, the biggest brands still advertise their services and products. You can imagine Google still runs advert campaigns that should tell you a lot about the power of advertising, always be on your customer’s faces. A well-planned advertising strategy plays a key role in the overall growth and development of your business.

The Right Use Of Social Media – Knowing how to use social media for your business is important, know the right platform to use for your kind of business, if you sell a product try to include the description\price in the caption, avoid the ”DM for price” saying, it puts customers off. imagine having to go to the cashier to ask for the price the things you buy at the mall, yeah it can be that annoying. if you are not capable of managing your business page online, get a social media manager if you can afford one.

Customer Service – This is really important not just for online business. Because your customers are not physically in front of you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat them right, reply to your messages as early as possible, do follow up, check up on your customers, get feedback and take proper actions, ensure the satisfaction of your customers always.  Helping all your potential customers is very important for the sound growth of your business.

This piece was written by Jolaade Oladimeji – Senior Editor at Ytainment News

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