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Mo Jolaade is adroit in Social Media…she wants you to see the 5 ways to maintain a relevance for your Brand on SM

The world has gone digital and social media is here to stay, a lot of people who could become your fan/customers are hanging out on social media, but that doesn’t mean you’ve yet had the chance to put in the time or effort necessary to cultivate a proper presence on the right networks.

Having a strong online presence can help you improve your customer service, allow you to communicate with customers and prospects on a new level, help you engage your audience and reach new audiences, and also help you build authority.

A strong social media presence can help your brand grow like wildflowers. But, this will only happen after you develop large following, followers who are interactive on your platform and learn how to give them what they really want.

Here are some great ways…

Have a focus: Set a goal, before investing in social media you need to know what your focus is, what are you selling? What message do you want to pass? What is the reason for your social media account? By setting goals, you’ll know if you are making the most of your time, or if you need to change things. But without any goals set, you’re only setting yourself up for failure. Your social media activities need to be aligned with your marketing/business goals. There’s no other way around.

Be Consistent: One of the main reasons why you want to build your social media presence is to make your brand more recognizable. You want your target audience to know who you are and what you stand for. Which means mismatched photos and logos is a strict no-no. The different social media platforms you operate on may have a variety of features and unique layouts. But does that mean that your brand should try to be different on each platform? Of course not. In fact, it’s the opposite. Your branding should remain the same across all social media channels so that there is a level of consistency. Maintain a message, and stay active.

Solve a problem: Focus on helping, not selling, the biggest reason why you’re building a social media presence is to grow your business. But that doesn’t mean that you should go out there and hard sell your audience. Social selling is acceptable, but you shouldn’t use your social presence to bombard your followers with “buy it now” offers. It makes sense to push deals/offers along with valuable content so that your approach doesn’t look salesy. More important than that, you’ll have to answer the burning questions of your followers by replying to their comments/queries in a timely manner. Or create more solution-based content that addresses the problem on hand.
For instance, you have a health smoothies business; you don’t sell bottles of smoothies, but the idea of healthy living.

Be Human: This is my favorite part, one of the biggest mistakes you can make on social media is coming of as a faceless corporation with zero personality, and people want to get to know your brand on a more personal level. Showing off the human side of your brand means showing the faces behind your social feeds, could be office\store photos or a snapshot your team working. Getting personal with your followers can help you form a much-needed connection.

Promote your social media accounts: Don’t expect your customers to know about all your social media platforms and go searching for them themselves – you’ve got to tell them they exist. If you make it easy for customers to follow or like your social media profiles, they’ll be more willing to take action. Start promoting your social media accounts to your customers and ask them to interact with you on your profiles. Keep in mind that your social media goals will determine the metrics that matter to you, and it’s important to measure these to ensure you’re on the right track with your strategy.

Credit: Jolaade Oladimeji – Senior Editor at Ytainment News

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