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More than 300 new words added to DICTIONARY.COM…including ‘Zaddy,’ ‘Y’all,’ ‘5G’ and more

The giant online source for all things English definitions and synonyms  — Dictionary.com has now added over 300 new words and definitions to its catalog.

The update captures a wide range of themes, from COVID-19, technology, racial justice, identity, politics, and dogs.

Added terms include:

Zaddy: an attractive man who is also stylish, charming, and self-confident.

Y’all: you (used in direct address usually to two or more people, or to one person who represents a family, organization, etc.)

Long COVID: a condition characterized by symptoms or health problems that linger or first appear after supposed recovery from an acute phase of Covid-19 infection.

5G: fifth-generation: being or relating to communications technology or a mobile device that supports much faster data-transfer speeds with significantly lower latency than previous versions.

Oof: an exclamation used to sympathize with someone else’s pain or dismay, or to express one’s own.

Snack: a sexy and physically attractive person; hottie.

Speaking to CNN, John Kelly, the managing editor of Dictionary.com, recognized the importance of updating Dictionary.com to reflect the world at large. “It’s a complicated and challenging society we live in.”

On the flipside, Dictionary.com has also added two new learning services to its platform: Grammar Coach and Dictionary Academy.

You can hit Dictionary.com for all things English definitions, synonyms, and a whole lot of other interesting stuff.

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