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MZ DRU: A humble, homely, honey – a charm whose profound self-belief as the ‘Hostess with the Mostess’ is unquestionably

She’s a vibe, any day, anytime, anywhere. Her charisma is unrivaled and she is a charm to be with all day long – simply put, DRUSILLA LARTEY, a persona of Ghanaian and Jamaican descent is one to gambol and toddle with 2-4-7, not only because she wants to empower people through her work and creativity but because indubitably she is unrepeatable.

During the time of speaking with her for this, we could immediately tell that this is a young free-spirited individual who does what makes her happy. She loves God and is passionate about giving back, motivating, inspiring and entertaining the younger generation through her lifestyle.

The Live FM and GHOne TV host loves to travel, loves to eat, and loves to explore new cultures as well as socializing.

Mz Dru has a big heart and cares a lot about helping others. She is often easily described as real, full of energy and an extrovert.

So YemmeYbaba for Ytainment News started by asking her…

…You’ve had your media path outside Ghana – what has been your been your biggest challenge so far relocating to Ghana

My biggest challenge has to actually understand that the way things are done in Ghana, are different to London. So in some cases I’ve had to forget about how I did things in London and adapt the Ghanaian way.

What made you leave a country like England, where opportunities are in abundance and would probably earn and come to Ghana

London is extremely saturated there are so many people trying to get to the same place and you’re competing with other races, ages and more! It’s much harder to get into the media scene and move up in it too. I also got bored of the same routine and wanted a change of environment and so thought I’d start with my country Ghana as the aim is to be international anyway

 Who has been your reference point in radio and TV growing up?

Growing up like most young females, Oprah was someone I looked up to when it came to TV presenting as I have always wanted to have my own TV show. I also loved Tyra Banks presenting style even though she was mainly known for her modeling she had a show called the ‘Tyra Banks Show’ which I was in love with and since watching that I wanted to be just like her.

How were you able to fight and overcome the stereotype you faced in London – from a point that often these obstacles (can) stop dreams especially that of women from achieving

Honestly speaking I don’t think I’ve directly experienced being stereotyped first hand, maybe subconsciously and I haven’t paid any attention to it. I’m a very focused and hardworking person so if I put my mind on doing something I make sure that I get it done and I don’t let anything get in my way. There are many things I have gone through so far in my journey called life that could have stopped me from getting to where I am now but I think my determination to release my inner greatness and achieve my goal to use my life as a way to impact others is what kept me moving.

Are you satisfied with radio contents, remuneration and direction?

This is an interesting question; my radio content both in London and in Ghana has been the same. Mainly focused on entertainment due to my shows and their target audience. I definitely would like to do more content focusing on my purpose and what the ‘Mz Dru brand’ stands for. And so slowly I have been inputting that in my show. Empowering, inspiring and entertaining others. When it comes to remuneration I don’t think radio presenters in Ghana get paid enough especially for the energy, time, research and more that they put in to their craft but when the passion is there for a job the pay is more like a bonus to me. Again, when it comes to direction, both my shows in London and in Ghana, I have had full direction over them. I know where I want to take my show and what I’m passionate about, so I have been able to do what I’m pleased about; it’s just that at times the stations obviously have their guidelines on what I needed to follow. I do however wish there was more support from the station when it comes to prepping, planning, getting guests and growth as a presenter.

Having tasted both sides of the coins or let’s say world – do you think Ghanaian radio and TV contents stand the chance to compete with the outside world in regards to everything

WOW! That’s a deep question. I believe they can. There are Ghanaians all around the world and with Ghana now bringing more attraction due to the Year of the Return; I believe we have the ability to go far with our content. It’s just about making it relevant, relatable and informative. We have the talent when it comes to music and in regards to TV there are plenty things we can show from entertainment, news and information that is great content that can go far, with the required financial support we are able to go world-wide and achieve this.

Without mincing words, what’s Ghana’s biggest problem when it comes to radio and TV or media in general

At times matching the needs of the audience when it comes to age and literacy is a problem but I think funding and investment is also another major issue. There are so many people with great ideas that could change society or help the community and even Ghana as a whole but there is not enough support or money to help bring these ideas to life and so they end up just sitting there which is really sad as I see so much potential in the media scene that is just not being taken seriously.

So far, are there any benchmarks that you have set for yourself in life and your media passion?

Yes of course, I have many goals and aspirations, big and small. I have places I want to go; my aim is to be international. But to be honest the sky is the limit.

Does the diverse culture and background, being born of Ghanaian and Jamaican descent, lived in London, such a metropolitan city; intertwining with different cultures – does this background influence your life, passion and how you see things?

Hmmm, in a way it has. I really and truly believe Ghanaians are hardworking, we are always hustling and London is not any city where you can be lazy. London is so fast paced you have no time to sleep you’ll just get left behind. The fact that it is also very multicultural helped me to be exposed to so many different things which helped in the way I communicate to others. Knowing that I’m from such a hardworking family it makes it hard for me to just sit around and wait for things to come to me. I think the Jamaican in my blood is what adds to my energy. Jamaicans are very vibrant, energetic colorful people so similar to Ghanaians and so with all of this mixed into one pot you have the ever so vibrant Mz Dru.

2019 came handy for you, new measures were met, strides were taken – what does 2020 hold for you

2019 was indeed interesting – I was laying the foundation, testing things, finding out what I like and don’t like, understanding how things are done and how to get things done. 2020 My trust is solely in God! He has great plans for me; I’m 100% certain big things are on the way. For me it’s all about soaring and taking territory like an eagle. I’m trying to make my presence known, not by screaming or making noise but just by letting my work and collaborations speak for me.

Tourism is one of your passions, what’s the vision for that terrain you are strolling into

So I have ‘Travel with Dru’, which was born when I moved to Ghana and found it so expensive to travel around Africa. I love travelling, it’s my number one hobby and so I decided to go around Ghana and visit different cities, areas and tourist sites. Whilst doing this I kept getting a lot of enquires from people on my social media platforms asking me where I was etc., and so I decided to plan trips for people to come along with me on these trips around Ghana. This year I have more exciting trips lined up and also hopefully more trips around the world. The vision is to show people the other side of Ghana which is not just the parties and typical places that people know of in Accra. It also is to try and educate and entertain those that don’t have the ability to travel, with ‘Travel with Dru’, I can show the different beautiful sites we have in Ghana and around the world and I can’t wait!

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