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Nike is releasing the Vapormax Flyknit 3 with removable Cover

The Swoosh brand is expanding its ISPA line with the release of the Nike ISPA Flyknit Gator.

Nike’s ISPA division was recently revealed to the world through a series of high-profile, highly advanced footwear innovations. Now, ISPA is showing off what they can really do, with the introduction of the new Vapormax Gator.

The Nike ISPA line was created for the modern-day commuter and is all about four things: improvising, protecting, and adapting.

Offered in sporty black/grey, the colorway offers a removable mid-shin height water-resistant shroud with a full-foot zipper. The gator features a bold Nike text with the sizeable midfoot Swoosh boasts a dotted pattern for texture. This is ideal for any and all rainy day urban excursions, as a wet morning can be quite a trial and for most commuters who rely on public transit and good old fashioned walking instead of driving.

Underneath this detachable gator sits a full-on Vapormax Flyknit 3 that can be worn without the shroud if the weather clears up.

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