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Oh LORDE! Kafui Danku & Daughter seal a mind blowing ROYAL MONOPOLY DIAPER 18-months deal worth about $100K

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Kafui Danku, Lorde & Magnus Wiedong – Head of Operations The Royal Group

It is 2017 and for multiple awards winning director and producer, Kafui Danku and her daughter, Lorde, it is more hands counting the dollar bills, more counting machines gotten to join in the counting and more smiles beaming, because it is a ‘good year’. A year that has seen both baby and mama scoop a mouthwatering according to an insider, a whopping about $100,000, 18 months deal with Royal Monopoly Diaper.

The deal was signed, sealed and delivered at the Royal Group Head office in the presence of media men, Magnus Wiedong – Head of Operations The Royal Group, Ada Chibuife – Creative Director Abc Pictures Limited, Josephine Aryitey – Creative and Brand Consultant Blaqqode Ltd.

The deal by Royal Commodities under The Royal Group is said to be paid in three installments. There would be different photo shoots for both brand ambassadors. The products we gather would be launched into the market in two weeks’ time from now.

Speaking to Ytainment, Magnus Wiedong – Head of Operations, The Royal Group, said that Kafui Danku and Lorde were chosen because of the vision of the company. “Kafui especially is a role model of a mother to other young people out there, her charisma and dignity as a woman are part of the factors that we took into consideration before we signed her – she is a glimmer of sunshine to others.”

Delighted Kafui Danku told us that Lorde and herself are going to play their parts in seeing that the product gets to every home. She further expressed immense gratitude to the management of The Royal Group for finding her daughter and her worthy of holding the ambassadorial position for the next couple of months. On behalf of her team, she thanked them.

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