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Online Advertising Tips for Musicians – a must read!

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The importance of advertising your content can not be over emphasized for Content Creators. Your contents can only be patronized when it is properly advertised to the consumers. The ignorance of the consumers of the availability of your product can only be blamed on how you have advertised your product.

In this context, your product or content is your music, video, show or anything that influences your career. Fortunately, there are various mediums to inform the world of your latest release and how to ensure that your music, video, shows are known to your fans, especially now that the world has gone digital. However, the availability of these mediums do not guarantee that your content is properly advertised. To ensure that your content is properly advertised, you need to know:

  • Who you are trying to reach
  • What you are offering them
  • What you want them to do


This is basically about you target audience. As a content creator, you must know the category of people your content will appeal to. If it’s the young males only, females only or young male and female alike. There are various insights and analytics applications that could help you know who your “perfect audience” is through your previous engagements on Social Media.

On knowing who you target audience, you will then tailor your posts and uploads to the interests of your audience. This will sustain their interest to your channel, hence, making your content advertisement easier in the digital space.


As a content creator, you must be sure of what you are offering your audience. Your content must be valuable to your audience. Many times, after content creators get the audience they have so desired, they begin to bore their audience with contents that has no value to them. Before long, you find that you have lost audience. As a music artist, you must know that only your music may not be sufficient to keep your audience engaged with your page, you might need to infuse other interest stimulants that is related to your brand.


This is a Call to Action. After you have figured out your target audience and what it is that you are offering them, with proper reach to the right audience, you can direct them to either, “stream”, “download”, “view” or “buy” your content. It could also be that you want them to purchase their tickets to your show. However, be sure not to be too demanding or your request is impossible to meet.


Credit: Toby Lawal

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