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PEACE HYDE wants to walk us through on, “caring about what people say about you” on her Piece this week!!


Hello and welcome to a Piece of Peace, your weekly dose of motivation and inspiration. This week I would like to share on the topic “Caring About What People Say About You.”

In a world of social media likes and re tweets, hash tags and followers, the lines of the real world and the fake world can sometimes become blurred. We are increasingly spending a lot more time in social groups, building friendships and associations that are increasingly gaining relevance in our lives. For those of you who understand this trend, you also understand that there is a pressure from these online communities and social groups to conform to certain behaviors or attitudes that are universally accepted by that group.

Their opinions on how you live your life begin to matter, their feedback on how you dress matter and they go as far as to even tell you what personality you need to show to the rest of the world. Faithbuilders lets take a second and realize that, the real world literally stops when your computer, tablets or mobile devices switch on.

Caring too much about what people think about you is useless because most people do not even know what they think about themselves. This is so true.

In a world where it is easy to hide behind a computer and spew negativity to those who are trying to achieve their goals, you must always remember not to listen to the naysayers. You have to understand that there are people, whose job is simply to tear you down and if you let them, you will miss the destination that God is preparing you for.

The only way they can get a chance to send their negativity your way is via social media. If you listen to the opinions of people who are in fact inspired by your personal journey to discover your greatness and let it distract, deter or change your direction in life, then you will be doing yourself a great injustice. Spend a couple of hours speaking to these same negative people and you discover they are more confused and in desperate need of direction in their own lives than you could ever imagine.

I always find it surprising when I see articles online and I read comments by people who have the time and data bundle to vomit insults on someone simply because a positive article has been written about them.

The world of social media and community marketing means that companies use social platforms to engage with their target audience to gain valuable insights about what they think about their products and services. It also means that people have a medium to connect with distant friends and use these platforms to reach millions of people to spread their positive impact.

Unfortunately, it also means there are those people who use it to propel negativity, bullying and insensitivity to issues that people care about.

Remember, Most of the negative opinions you read are nothing more than words to deter you from the greatness that God has destined for you. Rise above them and always be yourself because everyone else is taken.

Much Love, Peace Hyde.



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