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PHOTOS: “AfriqUniq” African designs with a Western touch

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In the past few years, the love for African prints has been on the increase and with the trend comes fashion designers who designs clothes and ensure that they look good on clients.

Designer Swetlana Abiba Nyarkoah , who was born to a Ghanaian/Sierra Leonean dad and a Ukrainian mom is the co-founder of AfriqUniq, a high flying fashion brand that deals in clothing and accessories.

The brand name draws its inspiration from the uniqueness of Africa in colour, craft and creative arts hence AfriqUniq.

AfriqUniq, the co-founder says is different compared to other fashion brands “because of our drive; which is to satisfy our customers with desirable African designs with a blend of western touch.”

AfriqUniq has been in existence since 2010 but began operations early this year to huge welcome from fashion enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

Made up of 7 members, the fashion brand makes products/accessories for women mostly for now with plans to include male in the coming months.

Participants at the recently held FastionistaGH shopping festival 2014 and Mercedes Benz Africa Fashion Festival 2014 experienced the uniqueness of the fashion brand. “We were awarded Best Female Designer for West Africa 2014”, she said.

“The other brands are doing a good job in terms of branding Africa to the world, but AfriqUniq stands out among others because of our combining of the African and Western art and our finishing touches.”

“So if you are a potential client who likes to have a bit of everything, you would definitely choose AfriqUniq.”

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