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Photos: Harry Bentil leads “Team Dejoko”, others to donates to Potter’s Village, Dodowa


As reported earlier, Actor/director Harry Bentil collaborated with “Team Dejoko“, (a Legon student initiative) and together donated to the “Potter’s village”, Dodowa.

The actor together with “Team Dejoko” spent the day with the kids at the village on a day where he turned a year older. Items such as bags of rice, oil, toiletries, dresses, boxes of indomie, drinks, cash and more.

Team Dejoko is made up of a group of friends who met back in their school days(University Of Ghana). Initially, they were into organization of events before coming up with the idea of giving back to the less privileged through the profit they make from the events. The initiative was launched in April, 2014 where they had their first donation at the Christ Faith Foster Home, Fafraha.

This was their second donation which was meant to take place in 2015 but due to the busy festive periods, it meant they had to shift it further.

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Harry Bentil on the other hand revealed he as well looks to continue with such donations not only on his birthday but from time to time. He had support from his colleagues namely; Toosweet Annan, Eddie Nartey, Godwin Namboh, family & friends, etc.

The enthusiastic works of some outstanding kids at the location saw Harry Bentil and Toosweet Annan, select a kid each where they will support his/her education till completion of Tertiary level.

Speaking at the occasion, Madam Jane Adu(Founder of the Porter’s Village) expressed her delight for the acknowledgement and support team Dejoko, Harry Bentil and his colleagues have shown. She further urged that, the donation shouldn’t be the last as struggles doesn’t seem to end at their home.

Its sustainable at times but we encounter difficulties from time to time but with the support from initiatives as team dejoko, actors, actresses, etc and mostly God, it helps in running the place.

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We’ve had cases where the landlords of the houses these kids live in over here come demanding for all kinds of things from us because they feel, the people who come to  donate leave us with millions of dollars and they act in all sort of inappropriate manner when they get nothing in return. So hopefully we pray as time goes by, we can move the kids into a more appropriate house owned by ourselves to avoid these kind of drama.

Mrs Jane who used to be a secondary school teacher also added that, it was the calling of God which saw her venture into this initiative. The kids as she calls them, “princes and princesses” are not merely orphans but were picked up from different locations in different traumatic circumstances. Example, there are some kids who were thrown away by their parents, some were being maltreated at home, accusation of witchcraft, etc and Mrs Adu and her team had to run to their rescue.

They are a legal orphanage home with very smart kids but less privileged and also has the backing of the Ghana Police Service, Social Security Service and all the official security and insurance bodies in the country.

The event took place on January 2nd 2016 in Dodowa.

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