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Piece of Peace: The importance of knowing your value


Hello and welcome to a ‘Piece of Peace, your weekly dose of motivation and inspiration. This week I would like to share with you on the topic “Know Your Value”.

We live in a world of mediocrity. Most of us have decided to settle for less because sadly, we truly believe that we do not deserve more. All around us, we see people staying in unhappy relationships, jobs, and even friendships. They choose mediocrity and a lower standard of existence because sometimes the amount of work required to change that situation is simply not worth it. It is much easier to be taken for granted, be miserable or tolerate the daily routine of dissatisfaction we feel. Not to mention, the all-knowing big brother eye of society, keenly watching anyone who dares to stand up for something they believe in and fight to get nothing but what they believe they are entitled to. Once that happens, we encounter the police men of progress fondly called “haters” whose job is to remind you that you have no value and you are never going to amount to anything if they have anything to do with it.

It is very important to note. Worth can’t be given. Worth can’t be taken away. Your worth is your own. Know your own value as a person. We are all amazing unique, gifted individuals, and yet we don’t inherently know that. Your worth isn’t defined by whether or not someone else loves, sees, values appreciates or adores you, and it’s inherent. You are worthy because you’re alive, regardless of your mistakes and failures. You’re value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth. If you do not know your own worth and value, then do not expect someone else to calculate it for you. When you know your value, when you know your worth- you just won’t accept anything less but the best in life. This will affect the type of man you attract, the financial security you have, the level of health you will allow yourself to have, and every other aspect of life you are living.

We have no glory of our own; our purpose is to simply glorify God that is what we are made for. Remember, your value comes from your Designer, not the life you design. By that notion, the life you exist in will never give you your real value if you are not living the purpose for which you have been created.

When you know your value, you don’t have to beg people to be in your life, to be friends with you, to spend time with you or to love you. Be confident in who you are, just remember not everyone can handle luxury and that is exactly what you are.

Rule # 1 never be. # 2 and always remember, be yourself, because everyone else is taken.

Much love, Peace Hyde.

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