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Piece of Peace: ‘Wedding Bells’


Hello and welcome to a piece of peace. Your weekly dose of motivation and inspiration. This week I will like to share with you on the topic “Wedding Bells.” I was recently asked to be part of the bridesmaids of a good friend’s wedding, my first ever invitation and I am so excited about it. In the process of preparing for the event, which happens in a couple of months, I realized just how, much of a big deal weddings are to us women. My friend has been planning her big day for a couple of months now and we have all been very excited. This week I got another invitation from a good male friend, who will also be having his big day next year. One thing I realized from the onset is what the perception of the wedding process is to both genders. My female friend is excited about how the event will turn out detailing everything from the looks of all the bridesmaids from the type of hairstyles to the colour of shoes to wear. We even have a group chat to discuss various aspects of the wedding day with designated positions assigned to each individual. Naturally, I am responsible for hair and makeup. The whole process is efficiently coordinated and each week we meet online to discuss progress.

My male friend however has a completely different outlook on his big day. Firstly, the bulk of the effort at the moment is being spent coordinating the bachelor weekend away with 10 of his closest friends. The obvious destination of choice of course is Las Vegas, which I think in large part, is due to the hugely successful hangover movie, which in my opinion has become every guy’s bachelor weekend fantasy. Anyway, there is no group meetings, just a simple invitation call, “boss, are you going to be available on the 3rd of July for Vegas?” the answer is a quick, “Yes” and that’s it, done. After confirmation of all the boys for the big Vegas getaway, the bulk of the wedding preparation work is done. When I asked him isn’t he concerned about the outfits the grooms men are going to wear, he simply said, “chale they will all buy suits.” The rest of the wedding planning is now in the hands of his fiancé who is probably now going through what my friend is going through. I was talking to a married couple yesterday and in a joke, the husband said to his wife, “look at how much I love you, didn’t I give you your wedding, what did I get in return?” It is interesting that weddings are perceived as a woman’s thing and men are simply doing us a favor by getting married. Another married friend told me he got married eventually after 5 years of dating because he knew how much it would mean to the fiancé. I think weddings mean a lot of different things to the people involved. Whether, you are looking forward to the parties preceding the event or the magical experience of the day, weddings and by consequence marriage is a lifelong commitment. Do not let anyone push you into making the decision if you are not ready. You are the only one that can truly know whether you are ready for that lifelong partner or not. From the little experience I’ve hard, I can assure you that it is a lot of hard work, but with the love and support from each other, you will be able to make it through any difficulty you encounter. Until next week, always be yourself, because everyone else is taken.

Much Love, Peace Hyde

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