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POP: The right time to quit


Hello and welcome to a piece of peace, your weekly dose of motivation and inspiration. This week I would like to share with you on the topic “The right time to quit.”

In a conversation with a group of friends this week, the topic of work came up. Everyone in the group immediately recounted all the annoying and stressful aspects of their job, which they hated the most. Comments ranged from the annoying boss to the psycho colleague who won’t stop checking you out every time you moved to even those annoying customers who always find a problem with the service you are providing. As I listened to the conversation, occasionally acknowledging discussion points, which resonated with my personal circumstances, I noticed nobody was really expressing what they actually loved about what they did. Consequently, I posed the question, so what do you love about what you do and why do you keep going back everyday if you hate your jobs so much?

To my surprise, none of them could actually say why they took up that employment in the first place. Do you ever ask yourself why you are still going to the job that you hate everyday? You probably have reluctantly accepted it as being part of your daily life. It’s become routine and something to do. You might also be thankful that unlike many people in this challenging economic time, you at least have a job and it pays the bills. There are several reasons my friends gave as to why they kept waking up everyday and spending 8 to 10 hours of their lives in a situation they loathed. I was in that same situation for a long time. I gave myself several excuses as to why I needed to stick it out. Before we proceed let me just issue a Disclaimer: THE OPINIONS EXPRESSED IN THIS POST IS THAT OF MINE AND NOBODY SHOULD ACT ON THE ADVICE UNLESS MAKING AN INFORMED DECISION THAT SUITS THEIR PERSONAL CIRCUMSTANCES.

Now that we have that out of the way, quit that job you hate so much. If you spend so many hours at something you hate, it is eventually going to impede your ability to do your best work. As much as you try to hide it, others likely know you are disengaged and for every hour you spend behind the desk of a job you loathe, is an hour away from a passion that could completely transform your life. People will always say don’t quit your job before you get the next one lined up. It is true that being employed when looking for the next opportunity does help tremendously. However, if you are that miserable then sometimes it helps to quit, reassess your priorities in life and then come up with a plan that will help you achieve your fullest potential. Do not care about what others think because you are doing what is best for your career. At the end of the day, no one is going to care about how long you were at a particular job. You only have one life. Don’t spend it doing something you hate. Spend it enjoying your passion. And no matter what happens, always be yourself, because everyone else is taken.

Much love, Peace Hyde.

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