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Premier League proposes changes to VAR ahead of next season

The Premier League could stop drawing offside lines on-screen from next season, the UK Mirror reports.

Sky and BT Sport have used the lines during live games, when VAR has been used to rule on marginal decisions, which has led to the phrase “armpit offsides”.

Premier League bosses chose to show the lines being drawn by the VAR at Stockley Park, to offer clarity as to why goals were being ruled offside.

A total of 34 goals were ruled out for offside by VAR last season and most times by the smallest of margins.

And the long-winded process of the lines being drawn put off fans and pundits.

Although the rest of Europe’s big leagues also use the lines, the leagues do not offer them to the broadcasters.

The Premier League have not made a final decision on whether to carry on showing the lines, but with the shift towards FIFA taking overall control of VAR, English football will fall into line with the world governing body’s guidelines.

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