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Que Sera, Sera…Dear BLOGGERS, in all things, joke not with thy Credibility


YemmeYbaba listening with rapt attention to ‘Mr. Tourism’, Abeiku Santana

“Whatever you do, do it wholeheartedly as though you were working for your real master and not merely for humans.” [Colossians 3:23]

Let us use this opportunity to say kudos to fellow brethren BLOGGERS pushing Ghana Entertainment industry into perpetual relevance and to global stage – at large. It won’t hurt either to give an encouraging handshake to those who are still laboring to get noticed by celebrities. And to our loyal online gossip addicts, your contribution to our endeavors is in no small measure. We say, “yedamoase”!

It’s true that the Ghana Entertainment Industry is conspicuously small, but with huge collective hearts of all, such as the government through the Ministry of Art and Culture, traditional media, new media like ours, brands/organizations, visionary and evergreen celebrities among others; we shall continue to make the world  appreciate the beauty of modern Ghana.

While it is in order to applaud professional entertainment BLOGGERS for their efforts in this merry industry, it’s worthy of note to dish a sizeable portion of caution and advise to Quack Bloggers who have earned for themselves Ph.D in bootlicking services for Pelebrities and Wannabes alike; Bloggers who have made the less important the most important; Bloggers with no moral or professional value; Bloggers with no professional training whatsoever. It is in the nature of these categories of bloggers to happily and harmoniously arm-band mediocrity for mere fried rice and chicken!

They’ve no knowledge of what journalism entails; neither do they reckon with ethics of the field. They’re driven by the magnitude of the rumor, scandal, the personalities suspected to be involved without in-depth verification what the truth is.

Their aim is to make the story go viral irrespective of the impact of such publication to the public or the state of mind of the person involved. Let’s not even talk about how such ridiculous stories portray Ghana and entertainment figures emerging from the country to foreigners – in a world where internet has pulled down every stronghold of borders.


Some revered BLOGGERS in Ghana strike individual poses

In as much as we continue to praise our heavyweights who are genuinely striving to celebrate our celebrities’ brand, strengths, and help give a positive light to Ghana and Ghanaians as a people, we shall also advice those Bloggers soiling the waters with their unprofessionalism to take time out to learn from successful and relevant ones who are doing it right.

Few months ago, we posted on our Instagram platform on what sums up an effective Blogger; we will repeat same here: a great Blogger is prolific, built on a niche, concise, detail-oriented, thought provoking, passionate, unique, lifelong learners, self-starters, focused and consistent – NOT embarrassingly-yansh-kissers! And chasers of scandalous stories that will end them in jail or ruin the victim.

As much as we are charged with the responsibility to educate, inform and entertain, we are also gate-keepers! We don’t operate on the principle of “anything goes”.


‘Father & Son’ moment: Oscar Ugo – one of the finest Bloggers/PRs we’ve worked with

We are not saying that probably every single one of our brethren should have every single one of these traits mentioned (above), but for posterity sake, let’s try and embrace at least one, two, three or all, and utilize them for our own integrity.

If helping those Pelebs and Wannabes with weak publicity is what pays your bills, be wise: embrace proper channels of managing them so that there can be peace in Jerusalem!

Being a good Blogger is, above all, about providing credible information for your online community.

…To be continued!

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