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Roverman’s Festival of Plays: Five exciting and world-class plays thrilled the world


The 2015 Christmas season came with a lot of events that made it memorable. For many, attending an event or going to the beach serves as a perfect fun-filled package for a yuletide.

Those entertainment avenues did, and could, not surpass the Roverman Festival of Plays that took centre stage at the National Theatre.

Five exciting and world-class plays thrilled thousands of Ghanaians, and foreign nationals to the best stagecraft and drama the year had to offer.


The plays – ‘Smartest Man Alive’, ‘Women on Fire’, ‘Bananas and Groundnuts’, ‘Puppeteers’, and ‘Forbidden’ – were more than enough to help cap 2015 and equally help jump start 2016 on a great note.

To the many who were at the National Theatre on any of the days – either on the December 28 or December 29, 2015 or January 1, January 2 or January 3 – they had a wonderful time.

Amongst the many who thronged the National Theatre were some dignitaries, Joyce Aryee, former CEO of Chamber of Mines; Nick Amarteifio, Board Chair StarWin Ghana; George Andah, politician; Lady Reverend Adelaide Heward-Mills wife of Dug Heward-Mills, Presiding Bishop of Lighthouse Chapel International (LCI); and Mrs. Abiola Bawuah, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of United Bank for Africa (UBA).

Each of these persons, like the thousands that patronised the plays, left the venue beaming with smiles. Satisfied they were.

For the past seven years, plays staged by renowned playwright James Ebo Whyte and his Roverman team have primarily centred on societal issues.


His productions capsule key issues affecting the Ghanaian society – sports, economy, education etc. – something many have grown to know him. The manner in which he combines serious national issues with comedy is simply marvellous.

The playwright’s exceptional ability to seamlessly weave his stories around these issues is simply legendary and has endeared him to many.

The plays he staged during the yuletide, ‘Smartest Man Alive’, ‘Women on Fire’, ‘Bananas and Groundnuts’, ‘Puppeteers’, and ‘Forbidden’, are just but a few of an impressive pool of plays, Ebo Whyte has wowed Ghanaians with.

Many who watched any of the plays either in December 2015 or early January 2016 agreed the shows were a perfect icing to 2015 or a perfect jump start to 2016.

See some of the photos below:

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Credit: myjoyonline.com

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