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“Safety is our number one priority”, Country Rep of Air Peace Ghana opens up

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Cookie Iwuoha & Ayodeji Adeyemi  

Ayodeji Adeyemi Country Rep of Air Peace Ghana in a short interview with journalists that visited the Air Peace office in Accra Ghana to commend them for the honour they received earlier in the week at the African Women Intercultural Dialogue at International Conference center Ghana, he reiterated Air Peace commitment to Air safety and the recent improvements in flight options from Accra to Lagos. Khaliq Ademola Amao of Voice of Nigeria correspondent in Accra and Cookie Iwuoha Program Coordinator All Africa Media Network, were on ground to interview Mr. Ayodeji.



I am Ayodeji Adeyemi country representative for Air Peace Accra Ghana, which started its Accra operations on 16 of Feb 2017. So far we have been able push our self in the limelight in Ghana Aviation. We currently run daily flight out of Ghana eight times a week, on Fridays we have two. We depart in the morning from Monday to Saturday, on Sundays we have evening flights, we recently launch our Friday evening flight base on popular demand from passengers a lot of them want to go in and out, it’s our intention to further out; we are looking at Wednesdays evening flights to come shortly. So far our presence in Ghana has been very positive.


Aviation is a very sensitive industry it has a peculiar attachment to customer service, I think over the years we have seen airlines crumble because of bad services. We came to Ghana with a professional services and when it comes to on time departure, when it comes to customer service how we treat our passengers, in terms of safety there is nothing you can compare to safety. AIR PEACE has a very  good record, we don’t joke, we don’t compromise safety, that is our number one priority so we are bringing all that together ,we come specially with a particular brand of air craft BOEING 737, 500 and 300, we have business class cabin and economic class, with that all coming together, flying with us is an awesome experience, those that have experienced our flight already have positive reviews for our service, and  they are stuck with us, so I am optimistic on what we are giving Ghana public and I am sure that we will get in.


Air lines find it difficult to lie about the age of their Air craft. I can guarantee you that we have recent Aircrafts, I mentioned earlier some of our Air Craft, if you google it, you will see their years of production, it’s not a secret, so we have as much as 12 Air crafts ,that is why I have not been specific that is why I cannot say this one is 2001 or 2003 or 2004 but they are recent and under well maintenance and service.


Nothing comes easy, the market is a very stiff one before starting I must give credit to Ghana Airport authority, they gave their support and they show true oneness of west Africa country they show that they are truly neighbors, without them we will not be here, that credit must be given to Ghana Airport and Ghana civil Aviation with their combination they did well. But talking of challenges yes I don’t think its news that we have a running cost that is on high side when it comes to Aviation especially regional Aviation. We take this opportunity to remind the Government on their promise of looking into the taxes and several other things that’s running the cost high, we are here because of the passengers and the passengers are here because of us. If we are not here Ghana Airport will not be running, Airlines are the reason why there are airports .so I believe our survival should be the priority of the government. We thank All Africa Media Network for recognizing our contribution to tourism and cultural exchange via air transportation and we are committed towards socio-economic well-being of our continent Africa and beyond.

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