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SEE in pictures how #Rozay1DaySales shut down Accra


#Rozay1daysales is a networking, sales and entertainment social media event platform that allows vendors to interact, educate, and sell to ready buyers.

Buyers’ demographics are 18 to 41 women. At least 95% of the women coming to Rozay1daysales will purchase at least 1 item. Exciting part about Rozay1daysales is the range of clientele: students, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and celebrities.

Interesting thing about Rozay1daysales is the event does not rely on traditional media: TV, billboards, radio. The program relies on organic growth and word of mouth promotion.

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Kweku Rozay, organizer of the sale, puts out the information on social media and the people come in numbers. That’s the magic and beauty of the show; it’s the use of social media at its highest artistic level. The program prides itself of growing the sales via fan base by quoting frequently on social media.

The excitement of the buyers at #Rozay1daysales comparable to Black Friday in the US. It’s the excitement of buying and being a part of the sales as buyers; what separates #Rozay1daysales from any event or sales event in the country. It is common at every event we are turning away buyers because there are too many excited buyers with cash ready to buy. As organizers, we look for vendors selling amazing products at discounted prices that help continue the momentum of that rush excitement to buy.

Dubbed “#xoxoexperience” it’s that excitement to buy that attracts vendors to be a part of the sale and buyers always loving to come to the next sale.

IMG-20160526-WA0080 IMG-20160527-WA0016 IMG-20160527-WA0017 IMG-20160527-WA0023 IMG-20160527-WA0027 IMG-20160527-WA0031 IMG-20160527-WA0033 IMG-20160527-WA0035 IMG-20160527-WA0038 IMG-20160527-WA0046 IMG-20160527-WA0047


Photos credit: Naroart1

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