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SIRA KANTE covers latest issue of Debonair Afrik Magazine

After being away for two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Debonair Afrik Magazine is excited to announce the release of our latest issue.

Debonair Afrik Magazine still maintains its goal of promoting African fashion brands, designers, and businesses and using its unique neo-Africanism approach to provide the perfect lens through which the evolving fashion industry in Africa is captured.

The magazine is carefully curated and seeks to be the eye through which its readers explore the fine imagery, elegance, and luxury of the growing fashion scene in Africa at their fingertips whiles being informative and entertaining to read.

The latest issue of Debonair Afrik Magazine features model and founder of skincare brand entrepreneur Sira Kante, who talked about her growth and challenges she faced as a black model growing up in the US.

Visit www.debonairafrik.com for the full story of the latest issue.

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