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STEEZE is a Gift from Heaven that every Living Thing on Planet Earth should have…an effortless tiding scribbled by Ghana’s Finest Style Coach – Ms. NANCY

Yesterday, 24th of Wednesday, 2021, would forever remain in our hearts as a day when a gift from heaven came to us courtesy NANCY ADOBEA ANANE (aka Ms. Nancy), to awaken the style culture of Ghana, Africa and the world-at-large.

For a professional Style Coach who uniquely combines the skills of a personal stylist and life coach to train others on how to create and maintain their individual brands with good looks, confidence and a frustration-free-life, you just have to listen when she speaks as well as read when she writes.

Because we had to tell you the good news according to the gospel of Ms. Nancy, thus, we did justice to the 65-pages brilliance which kicks off with…“Style with Ease” in chapter one. Brief and straight to the point, we were spoken to know that the way you walk, talk and style yourself – an iota of Steeze must be the hallmark. Chapters two, three and four are familiar but intense statements on ‘Effect of Colours’, ‘Confidence’ and ‘General Grooming’ respectively.

Chapter five talks about ‘Posture and Body Language’. It’s one of our favorite chapters because it is that which sets to rekindle the hope-fire for those who lack some sense of body communication. This chapter walks one through the path of knowing that body language is a reflection of a person’s state of mind.

‘Personal Styling’ comes cute in chapter six with paragraph two reminding us, that “People will stare – (but) make it worth their while.” Ms. Nancy here tells us that the philosophy of style says that people are perfect. Reading this chapter, we realized that naturally, people (watching you dress) can somewhat be predictably tough, yet the style coach hints that, “do not dress to impress, dress to authentically express”.

Chapter seven – ‘Discovering your Personal Style’, chapter eight – ‘Style Personalities’, chapter nine – ‘Style versus Fashion’…reading these chapters simply enthralled us with goosebumps because all the words written are irresistible true and the quality of the message passed by Ms. Nancy are irrefutable.

STEEZE’s chapter ten is that ‘save the best for last’ bite, and the enterprising broadcast journalist gave us that feel! Listen to this, “…if you don’t dress well, it is a sign you are ill mannered. Dressing well is a form of good etiquette and just as important as speaking and behaving well.” Eeeeeiiiiiiiiii! Tell us that, that didn’t hit you gbaaam as it did to us! In this denouement, finding and dishing the exact point of perfection in words is what the Host of Duvet just did. Spot-on and well explanatory guidelines upon guidelines on wearing underwear for men, women, dressing appropriately for church, how to adopt an attractive gait, etc.

Truthfully speaking, Ms. Nancy has given Ghana and the whole world a picture perfect Book for generations unborn to embrace and effortlessly get stylish. The must read masterpiece is detailed and fit for all caliber of persons.

Wheeeeew! STEEZE is a stuff of a genius; an everlasting party!

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