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SWIFT-WHEELS Transportation Company Limited takeoffs + unveils Kisa Gbekle as brand ambassadors

Friday, September 13, 2019, saw the birth of SWIFT-WHEELS TRANSPORT COMPANY LIMITED, as they officially commenced duties as the first fully-owned Ghanaian ride-hailing company with the vision to create a complete experience of world class transportation and delivery service for everyone in Ghana and the African continent. The event officially marked the launch of the Swift-Wheels App.

To use the App, it’s simple – riders are to simply download the Swift-Wheels mobile App and sign up within at least 30 seconds. With this done, a rider will be connected to a nearby cab based on request.

When asked, what differentiates Swift-Wheels from its competitors? “The flexibility for riders and drivers to commute and connect with each other especially with the PaddyRide therefore saving cost for the Rider, who can complete a journey with as little as GH ₵ 1.70. You can’t achieve an excellent ride with such a limited budget unless you use the Swift-Wheels service to afford you one thing: Excellence in Motion!” The Managing Director, Nana Yaw Dankwa-Antwi told us.

He further told us that they are currently in partnership with drivers who they refer as ‘Swift-Wheels Affiliates’ to deliver an affordable and excellent service to their riders.

“Affiliates would start at a commission of 15% of which 1% is reserved for their Health Insurance. With safety central to the core values of our company, Swift-Wheels ensures that drivers who sign up onto the platform have valid driver’s license and vehicle has been insured comprehensively. Our customer service personnel are dedicated to help address customer issues with the service and appropriate actions meted out on drivers however, until a driver is found guilty after investigation into the incident.” He emphasized.

In a bid to present their riders with exceptional services, Swift-Wheels delivers 3 values from convenience, reliability and affordability with three services namely;

  • SwiftGo: This is the basic service which connects cabs to commuters in the cities.
  • RideWithMe: The driver in this context could be corporate workers who intend to save money by sharing their rides with other riders on the Swift Wheels platform. This rider and driver (vehicle owner) share the same route thus becomes economical for both users.
  • Paddy Ride: This service is much flexible in its delivery; riders can connect with other riders with the same destination and/or route to share cost as with carpooling. Paddy Ride costs relatively lower as compared to “Ride with me” and “SwiftGo” since riders share the cost of the cumulative journey depending on the time and distance a rider lasts during the journey.

We believe that with the cutting-edge technology ride-hailing App they are introducing, Swift-Wheels will liberate riders and drivers from the economic puzzle of their competitors.

…on the signing of KISA GBEKLE as their brand ambassador

Actress, producer and TV Host, KISA is the current brand ambassador for the ride-hailing company, Swift-Wheels Transport Company Limited – a position she has taken up since March 2019, and it would span for one year (subject to renewal).

“When I was called upon to take up this new role, aside seeing it as a worthwhile brand, I feel that we owe it to ourselves and country to support, promote and be part of an amazing initiative by a Ghanaian for Ghanaians.” Kisa told the media.

Nana Yaw Dankwa-Antwi said that among all the factors in choosing Kisa as their ‘face’, they looked at her excellent personality which is in line with the company’s policies.

The one-year ambassadorial deal comes with a whooping sum of – an undisclosed – money plus a brand new branded automobile.

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