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TACHA emerges winner of day 3 challenge in the on-going BBNaija

Big Brother sure has a lot of games and challenges in store for the housemates to last them the whole 3 months. The day 3 challenge was quite interesting but it was for the female housemates alone. Biggy asked the ladies to all sit round the big table (dining table) while each guy stood behind a lady. The ladies were then given bowls of needles and threads.

Each bowl contained 15 needles and they were asked to put in threads into each needle in the bowl. While at it, the guys stood behind them and were singing out loud in order to distract them so they get confused and fail in the task.

Each lady tried as much as she could to put in her full concentration on the task despite the distractions from the loud singing from the guys.

The person who finished fixing the threads in the needle first would emerge winner, and after long minutes of struggling and competing, Tacha emerged winner as she was the first to complete the task.

With more challenges coming their way from Biggy, we are sure the housemates would brace up the more because everyone wants to be a winner.

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