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3 Ways Travelling Makes You Smarter

One of the purest pleasures of life is traveling. It is a booster for the mind and probably the only time when a person is truly relaxed. Now when I say travel makes you “smarter,” I don’t mean you will ...

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Get to know JEANNE BARET as Google celebrates her today

Google Doodle Celebrates the 280th birthday of French botanist and voyager Jeanne Baret, the first woman to have finished a journey of the circumnavigating of the globe. Jeanne Baret was a member of Louis Antoine de Bougainville’s colonial expedition on ...

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How to Maintain a Healthy Hair

NATURAL HAIR has become a huge sensation, ladies transitioning from permed hair, and others doing the big chop. I cannot help but agree that curly, kinky full hairs are worth it. But when it comes to maintaining your natural hair it ...

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