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“TERMINUS” – a Ghanaian Film expose on the Pharma Business debuts on January 7 at the Silverbird Cinemas

From Ghana’s crime/thriller writer, film director and CEO of Cine-God Studios, Abu Iddris, comes ‘TERMINUS’, a health crime watch film that seeks to create awareness about the dangers of pharmaceutical products mostly shipped to Africa and some other parts of the world.

‘Terminus’, executive produced by City Outlook Entertainment, throws a major spotlight on a Ghanaian chemist, who in the bid to vindicate his company in a lawsuit stumbles on something even more dangerous in the process – a hidden chemical formula in painkillers and antibiotics altered for testing and profit gains by a pharmaceutical giant.

The upcoming feature-length fictional crime/thriller film will make its world premiere in Accra-Ghana at the Silverbird Cinemas. Terminus will premiere concurrently at the Silverbird Cinemas at the West Hills Mall and Accra Mall on Friday, January 7, 2022.

The Writer and Director of ‘Terminus’, Abu Iddris, on behalf of the Terminus team said that, “We didn’t just want to make a film; we wanted to make that film that marvels Africans and the world. And I am proud to say that we did it. We made ‘Terminus’.”

Executive Producer of ‘Terminus’, Rita Afua Baatimah from City Outlook Entertainment said that, “Regardless of all the challenges we faced as a team, I’m proud to say we pulled through it beautifully. I love everything about the movie most especially its subject of concern.”

Producer of the crime-watch film, Mawuko Kuadzi, the C.E.O of MK Content and MK Casting added that, Terminus amplifies the conversation about global health care. And that, choosing to tell a fictional yet possible story of the reality of the pharmaceutical industries, is purely to educate through entertainment, and not to ridicule any specific pharmaceutical company or any known product.

The goal of this fictional thriller film is  to empower education and tell a story of leadership where Ghana comes first before any political party.  Terminus has been set to project love for the Motherland and leave a positive impact on the mentality of Ghanaians and the World about Ghana as a country.

The movie showcases the ingenious ways by which women can showcase their skills, drive intellect and vision to disrupt the male-dominated industry. Terminus is designed to see women lead and tackle even more challenging events. It introduces to audiences, the first and independent Ghanaian female president whose government faces the toughest of test any nation can survive, a female director of operations at the organized crimes Ghana, etc.

Mrs. Aison confirmed that, women in leadership in ‘Terminus’ “makes the story exciting to see. We can’t wait to share with the world the magic we created,” she shared.

The 90 minutes crime thriller film features top stars in the industry including: Adjetey Annan, Helen Lois, Oscar Provencal, Beverly Afaglo, Salma Mumin, Andrew Tandoh Adote, Manaf Yussif, Joseph Otsiman, Anthony Woode, Jeffery Nortey, Joseph Otsiman , Kobina Sam and Cecilia Anno-Banieh

The premiere will be marked by the presence of a number of celebrities, actors, directors, producers, sponsors, cinematographers etc., which will give a great launch to the film.

‘TERMINUS’ will show at the following times and locations for screening:

January 7 at the Silverbird Cinemas (West-Hill Mall) at the following times: 5:30pm, 7:30pm and 9:30p.m.

January 7, Silverbird Cinemas (Accra Mall) at the following times: 5:30pm, 7:30pm and 9:30p.m.

The movie was shot in Ghana by production companies, Cine-God Studios and MK Content, led by Abu Iddris and Mawuko Kuadzi respectively. It was executive produced by Rita Efuah Baatimah & Gabriel Nyanin Baatimah.

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