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The Aesthetics of Beauty according to the scribbles of Aniré

Photo Credit: Jessica Felicio

The aesthetics of beauty is an amazing trait to have, but having someone who truly believes in you and pushes you everyday to be the very best version of yourself is greater.

Beauty is important! Physical attraction is key. But personality? Now that’s something you can’t trade. Sometimes, we get carried away by physical beauty that we fail to checkmate character flaws. Everyone has them, myself especially. But the beauty of a person is wholistic – character inclusive.

As we grow in love & in the knowledge of love, strive to be beautiful in character. Peradventure you’re single & can’t wait to meet Mr. or Miss right, now’s the perfect time to checkmate any character flaws that might be a turnoff to your potential significant other. Personal development isn’t just for self. Your personal development is for everyone! Don’t be selfish with your growth. Be intentional knowing that the success of your relationship highly depends on it. Know this & know peace!

– With Love, From Love.

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