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The Curious Case of their Halloween Nightmares: Why most GHANAIAN FEMALE ARTISTS must wake up in 2019, shake their Tambourines and Face…the ‘Hail Mary’ Reality

Permit us to start with a message from the Lord to all our Ghanaian FEMALE Artists, and it reads: “Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin”.

Girl Talk Show: The comeback of Efya and relegation of the beautiful ones

It pricked some balls after EFYA was announced as the celebrity to headline, again this year’s Girl Talk Show.

Some thought, maybe God has finally numbered the days of the kingdom of our female acts in Ghana. Perhaps He, in His infinite mercies wants to bring it to an end; because it is very clear that something somewhere is abysmally wrong and this need to be addressed as soon as possible by stakeholders and feminists alike.

If in a country of over twenty-five million people with dozens of talented and thriving female artists, yet the baton of a female concert as popular as Girl Talk Show is always stirred between Becca to Efya to Becca to Efya, in a merry-go-round ‘aurevoir’ then there is something terminally wrong either with the organizers, the clique of female celebrities in this country or both.

Oh! Lord forgive us thy only begotten for yours sincerely shalt call names o!

So in a country where we have Eazzy, Feli Nuna, Becca, Efya, Nana Yaa, Yaa Yaa, MzVee, Wiyaala, Adina, AK Songstress, Wendy Shay, Sister Debbie, Efe Keyz, Eno, Freda Rhymz, S3fa, Sista Afia, eShun, and the rest – we cannot boast of about four to five strong female performers that can headline the show?

It’s good news that in 2019, one can conveniently mention top 14 female artists in Ghana. But the sad news is that, at times, one cannot totally blame organizers of top-notch events for finding it difficult for some of them to headline their shows. It’s now a trend to see upcoming female artists in Ghana — after one shekere-hit-song, then go ahead to buy followers on social media, attend one red carpet event somewhere, drag for spaces to take few shots and post on Instagram and that’s the end of Solomon the son of Grundy.

It hurts to know that some of our female artists instead of working on their crafts rather waste time fighting over boys or men (depending on the class of who was involved) on social media, instead of enhancing their vocals and stage performances, they rather waste time enhancing their ‘up-fronts’ and ‘down-belows’.

Our female artists must continuously work hard on their crafts and get serious with their publicity in order to be attractive to great opportunities and increase in worth even as international organizations consider them for office of brand ambassador.

There is no crime in accepting that as a female artist, you lack certain abilities, it’s beautiful you become humble and learn. To become an international artist like Wiyaala one must take time to learn, patiently submit to the right manager; intelligently build your team members among other things.

Fair enough, we cannot deny the fact that some artists’ managers themselves struggle with basic time management, not to now talk of understanding the nitty-gritty of managing an artist.

Late Hugh Masekela during one interview moment yours sincerely had with him, he revealed to us that he rehearsed every day for fifty years — whether he had gig or not. To him, it was a routine.

Also do you know that the late Michael Jackson had three hours dance sessions every day for about forty years…for the historians, I stand to be corrected but our point is that they didn’t just start and stop, it was a ritual to them.

So, let the work begin!

Efya has been chosen to headline the show, let’s give her our support. But this time next year, let the story change.


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