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The inspiration to start my clothing line came from the Holy Spirit – RASSEL Klothing boss reveals

rassel the designer

Raheal Naa, CEO of Rassel Klothing

RAHEAL NAA DEDE HESSE is the lady behind the fashion brand – Rassel Klothing and this week she made out time to grant us this interview which was taking like forever to be fixed due to her high demand by her clienteles who have become so passionate to her works. She spoke to YTAINMENT.COM on how the Holy Spirit led her into starting her passion soon after she graduated from Joyce Ababio’s Vogue Style School of Fashion & Design. Interestingly we had about thirty minutes to enjoy ourselves talking, but the whole piece came out awesome. Enjoy yourself…

Tell us a bit about your background.

My birth name which is known by family and friends is Raheal Naa Dede Hesse. I come from a family of seven. I am a Ga by tribe and I originate from the Osu land in the Greater Accra Region. My educational background commenced right from when i enrolled in St. Andrews Junior High School for my junior high education and Mfantsiman Senior High School for my senior high education. I also enrolled in IPMC College to study architecture in auto cad and then finally into Vogue style school of fashion and design (Joyce Ababio) to study fashion designing as a career.

When did you initially start designing?

I initially started designing in the year 2011 after completing Vogue Style School of Fashion & Design in 2010.

rassel clothe in a model_1A model in Rassel Klothing

What inspired you to start your brand RASSEL Klothing?

Hmmmm quite interesting and amazing. My inspiration to start Rassel Klothing in all came from the Holy Spirit who gave me ideas and designs and how to go about them and bringing me to the destination of what I have to be and the name of my brand.

How have you found your experience, as a Ghanaian designer breaking into the hearts of your ardent patrons across Ghana, Nigeria, Africa and the world at large?

It’s been quite challenging but it has empowered me as an individual, determined to explore my creativity and talents to impact and help encourage anyone who is doubting and fearful to make a step to follow and build their dream or passion to become who they are and to develop and benefit as well as earn a good living from their God-given gifts in which by no means can anyone take that from them. There are factors contributing  intensely in the experience I have witnessed considering funding in my career, labor provision and targeting the right fan base but nevertheless it’s been rewarding and has served  as an eye opener and teacher to me where fashion is concerned greatly in my life . I have been able to build quite a large fan base and many value my creativity and brand, I appreciate my fans and customers who believe in my brand.

rassel clothe in a model_4

A model in Rassel Klothing

Ever since you started your brand in designing, what have been some of your biggest challenges?

My biggest challenges when it comes to my career is financing, where funding to build and expand the brand and business is inconvenient and not easily at one’s  disposal. Provision of competent labor force to appreciate the style of the brand and able to represent and value its essence and outcome.

What resources have you found invaluable to your business?

All resources are valuable, be it small or big right from finances to labor to delivery services e.t.c.

Which fabrics do you enjoy working with?

Well I enjoy working with cotton fabrics quite flexible, then rayon, plaid, Lycra, lace, brocade and satin.

How would you describe your typical RASSEL customers with which ever collection that comes to your mind?

Elegance or high fashion

rassel clothe in a model_2

Before we leave, tell us what factors have contributed to your success and that has seen you been there for all this while since your inception?

God has always  been and is still ma pillar in building my career day by day, an anchor i have been holding on to, the ship of my brand of success in any storm  and the light of hope in my darkest hours of failures, He keeps  me marching on and also support from my family, faithful customers and friends.

What advice can you give to other aspiring Ghanaian designers?

My advice to all aspiring Ghanaian designers is that put God first in everything u do secondly never give up, keep striving, keep working hard towards your goal without trembling and with poise. Little drops of water makes a might ocean, as little as it may look, by and by God will lift u up to higher level. Never look down upon yourself. He is faithful to the end.

Rassels, many thanks.

Thanks for having me as well.

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