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Joselyn Dumas

THE JOSELYN DUMAS & 3 MUSIC AWARDS gist… in regards to the tweet we saw screen goddess, @joselyn_dumas posted, calling out @3musicawards organizers to do the needful, redeem their side of the bargain, and pay her what is due her; we followed up and spoke with SADIQ ABDULAI ABU, who is the oga-at-the-top, to hear his own side of the story.

He didn’t deny the fact that his scheme owes Joselyn for months, he also told us why and what went wrong for the debt to take this long. “Yemi, we apologise for owing Joselyn and have promised to pay sooner but the gospel truth is that we don’t have that money lying down and have refused to pay her. We are committed to make payment not to only her but the remaining people that we are owing.

Before today, we have paid almost eighty-five percent of those we were owing within the last three months.” He continued, “it is within her rights to act how she has done, she is very right for her to call us out because her human element was stretched, thus, she is not wrong to do so. We are not running into hiding, we shall make sure that she is paid. We regret any inconveniences we have put her and the others that we have not paid up till now.”

It’s interesting to hear organizers speak like this but 3 MUSIC AWARDS organizers, since you didn’t tell us when you would be paying Joselyn (and others), kindly do the needful, save yourselves the unnecessary embarrassment (though you don’t share this view with us) and PAY all those you owe.

Learn to keep your words because if these actors, actresses, comperes don’t keep to their own side of the bargain, you would rain fire and brimstones.

Let’s save ourselves the long story – just do the needful!

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