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‘The media out lash on Inna and her team was due to lack of poise’


I’ve been observing from a distance what seemed to have captured the headlines of almost every entertainment discussion in the past two or three weeks, ‘The Miss Ghana Media Whipping.’

Or as it might seem the battle between the former Miss Ghana beauty queen, Giuseppina Nana Akua Baafi who was stripped off the title and CEO of Exclusive Events, the organizing body of the pageant and a former beauty queen as well, Inna Patty.

I have followed it all through, from the stripping off of the title and its subsequent follow ups as the story gained prominence in the industry.

The foul plays involved, the media out lash on Inna and her team due to lack of poise and uniformity in the kinds of statements they’ve released and all that which has come with it.

And for one thing and one thing alone I am well elated that some of the media houses took this matter up and handled it seriously. As an industry, we are progressing by all standards but can do better in digging a little deeper into everything that comes across our desk since whatever we report shapes the opinion of our society.

It just seemed unbelievable that an outfit that has taken Miss Ghana to the very top in the Miss World Competition for the first time in over 50 years could shoot themselves in the foot by deliberately destroying the ambassador of the very brand they have toiled tirelessly to create.

Since it did not add up for me, I decided to take a few inches deeper to hear both sides of the stories. For the Beauty Queen, it wasn’t too hard to hear her side of the story because of the countless press releases existed where she has made her point known.

Pursuant to this were claims including ‘Being unlawfully stripped’, ‘Issues with money raising’ and ‘Unfavorable contracts’ and a few other such claims. I thought it was entirely unprofessional when these claims were made of the organizing body.

A brief investigation has proven to my utter dismay and the few who assisted with the investigation that all is not as it seems and that a lot more might have happened behind the scenes that has not been reported yet and hence what might seem like a total media onslaught of Exclusive Events.

In what may seem like an endless list of contract breaching acts, gross insubordination, verbal assault on Inna Patty, Samuel Bokorvie and the entire team at Exclusive Events Ghana and a pan full of other acts perpetuated by Miss Guiseppina that warranted her being stripped off the title that I would be addressing shortly.

This article is not to fight on anybody’s side but to kick the axle back in balance so we can have a meaningful and rational dialogue backed with facts that will help readers make constructive analysis to choose for themselves who is right or who is wrong.

In my possession are countless recordings, videos, email correspondence and pictures filed as hard evidence to the ongoing Miss Ghana Saga that proves that Exclusive Events might have faulted by not setting the records straight when these media attacks started, but there is so much mess that has been cooked up by the former Miss Ghana winner.

In one of the many, ‘warning emails’ sent to Miss Guiseppina on different occasions it states the following as ‘Issues with Guisepina’:

1. Not attending client events e.g.: visit to the President of Ghana, GCB/NLA launch to brazil, launch of Don Bosco Vocational Training Institute and a host of other events that were mandatory for the beauty queen to attend.

2. Failure to report to work at stipulated days and time as seen in the attendance book.

3. Late to functions e.g.: Heroes of Change organized by telecommunication giant, MTN hence, was absent to present the award.

4. Preparation towards Miss World has shown a lack of seriousness and interest e.g. failure to attend gym lessons, swimming lessons, sessions on developing talent, sessions on presentation skills/ q&a, grooming on style. failure to attend make -up application courses, etc. and most importantly working on key CSR/ Charity projects for presentation at the miss world 2014 event, etc.

5. Recently defaming character of brand and official by lying, bringing in her friends to vandalize properties, visiting the office of organizers with her mother to verbal assault team (Attached Is The Audio Recording Of The Said Event)

6. Hosting male visitors who spend the night at the official Miss Ghana residence.

7. Giving her Sash (Symbol Of Office) to one of her numerous white boyfriends to wear during one of her private events.

All these were facts and Exclusive Events did not put them out, But Why?

I have read the different apology letters Miss Guiseppina wrote to the organizing outfit for her ‘unruly’ behavior. One dated October 30th, 2013 address to one Aunty Jackie, the official chaperone assigned to Miss Baafi read;

LETTER OF APOLOGY I write to the management to formally apologize for my unruly behavior for not being present at work for some days without any reason.

I regret and accept that my action that was inappropriate and lacked the respected management deserved.

In the future, I have learnt to curb and not repeat this behavior and adjust my actions befitting the environment and situation I find myself in now as the brand ambassador of the Miss Ghana foundation.

I am sorry for any inconvenience my action caused and hope my apology is accepted.

I look forward to working with Exclusive events and the Miss Ghana foundation in cordial relationship.

Sincerely, Guiseppina Nana Akua Baafi Miss Ghana 2013.

My next question then is how does someone who is apologizing for gross misconducts and in her words ‘unruly behaviors’ become a victim when she is eventually punished for her ‘unruly behavior’?

Is the society supporting her because she’s a beauty queen or because they assume she can’t do any wrong or indeed she has done no wrong?

I was tempted just like many of you to believe may be she’s indeed a victim of a greedy selfish organization that is hell bent on exploiting her until I heard a voice recording of Giuseppina and her Mother verbally assaulting the COO of the event company and even called Miss Inna Patty herself words that I cannot repeat or type.

In finding the answer to this question, I stumbled on what might have been the remote cause of all this, ‘An Abuja Trip!

More soon…

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