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The other ministry of Sonnie Badu


He is known to many as the worshipper, the general mainly due to his singing prowess. Many who have heard him sing have no doubt that he is a worshipper. The gospel artiste, who has branded himself well to put his music and Africa on the world stage.

In the past three years, most Ghanaians have attributed him to the rainmaker. Rainmaker due to the fact that his two great concerts at both the Accra and Kumasi stadia have witnessed rain. Many would recall that prior to his concert in both regions, rains manifested. In Accra, it was over an hour rain and in Kumasi over two hours rain.

Despite the rains, the worshipper brought believers to experience the presence of God and indeed it was a presence.  When asked why he thinks it rains before his concert, the worship, known as Sonnie Agyemang Badu  just says “I guess I need to stop singing about rains, alluding to  the lyrics his hit single “Baba”, we are in your presence, let it rain.

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Sonnie who doubles as an entrepreneur has another calling that is unknown to many. This calling is sacred to him, as he calls himself the son of a preacher. Sonnie badu’s other love and passion is preaching. Unlike many who master one art and leave the other, he has sharpened both his singing and preaching ministry and they go hand in hand.

Many people, the world over and Ghana have been blessed by his singing and now preaching ministry.  There have also been countless testimonies of many been healed under his auction. Sonnie, is a preacher who spends his time studying the Bible, like he spends time to rehearse for his songs.

His worship conferences’ has been a contact for many to witness him preach and lead God’s children to his alter. From Ghana, Australia and the world over, many have changed their sterotype perception that Sonnie is only a worshipper. His last worship conference in Ghana at the ICGC Zoe Temple in Tema, in January this year attracted many souls, just like his songs do.

In writing this piece, Sonnie when contacted noted that he loves to sing and preach. In short he says, Ghanaians should not just see me as the worshipper, I am also a minister of the word.

Born Sonnie Agyemang Badu to Ghanaian parents, he has carved a niche for himself to attract audience from sAfrica, Europe the world over. Sonnie Badu recently released his new single Imani, which is dedicated to his daughter who goes by the name Imani, is over 100k followers and his Kenyan fans.

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