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THE PERFECT PICTURE –10 Years Later –…a ‘perfect’ movie simply insightful, instinctive & interesting for 2019 Christmas and beyond

Let’s make this very simple, straightforward and tell it as we saw it – Shirley Frimpong-Manso, the actors, actresses, and the Sparrow Pictures crew deserves a standing ovation for the brilliance and patience in bringing a masterpiece that we saw and would be seen by millions across the world from the 14th of December, 2019.

The Sunday 1st December 2019, exclusive world premiere, at the Labadi Beach Hotel, taught us one thing – that within the ten years from the first ‘Perfect Picture’, there has been a lot of positive points of upgrade. Watching the movie with other amazing movie aficionados, one thing we all agreed on the night is (was) that, THE PERFECT PICTURE –10 Years Later – possesses that touch of audacity to win laurels they enter for.

You would agree with us that in every movie, characters are the most important part of storytelling, and this, Sparrow Pictures came through with not just good but fantastic characters. The plot was unpretentious and it sailed simple! Again you would agree with us that a simple plot is enough to win people’s heart, which it did to our hearts last night – and it would confidently win the hearts of those who would see it from the 14th of December, 2019.

Ten years ago, Shirley’s message was clear, ten years later, after seeing that movie, her message we must say, “…is crystal clear”, meaning that the theme of the movie then and now are in synchrony – which is a respectable thing; as well as we must tell the truth that this movie paid attention to details.

Since some of us went to see the movie with high hopes, it was important that we looked out for every detail and we sure weren’t disappointed. In same vein, we must applaud the good ending that played out at its smoothest best.

Since THE PERFECT PICTURE movie seems to be an interesting cord of never-ending narratives, we are convinced that twenty or twenty-five years later, we shall be celebrating with another screams of delight, that Shirley Frimpong-Manso and the whole Sparrow Pictures crew would have conquered Africa – and crossed over to bring home the Academy Awards.

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