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The sense of movie excitement just returned in…LOCKDOWN

After watching this blockbuster of a movie twice, let us tell you that LOCKDOWN is one educational masterpiece – for a brilliance that brought heavyweights together, gave us that ‘je ne sais quoi’ x-factor feel, one can take a sigh of relief that after the 2020 Lockdown in reality, this movie in 2021 did justice by recounting a well-told simplicity for generations unborn.

The story line was simple. Remember that humans have been telling stories ever since and no matter what genre you’re writing or filming, there’s nothing better than a good story well-told. The basic elements of a well-structured story are something everyone knows by now – and until you see this # LOCKDOWN, you would give multiple applause to the Director and Casts for telling the story right.

The harmony in the development of this particular story, you can tell went hand in hand with originality, coherence, technical quality, and emotion. Again maximum kudos to the Screenplay, Direction, Cinematography, Camera work and Performance of Actors – all these made the movie enjoyable.

#LockDownTheMovie Cinemas Nationwide in NIGERIA!!!


Executive Producers:



Directed by: @sneezemankind

Written by: Moses Inwang, Melanie Onome @melanieking89 and Musa Jeffery David @musajefferydavid

Produced by: @davidrukeme

This Movie is Distributed by: @filmoneng

@sneezefilms production

A Moses Inwang film


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