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The story of HRH OSCAR YAO DOE’s boundless benevolence is spectacularly beyond compare

For many all they settle for is a donation to an orphanage during their birthdays and or anniversaries but for OSCAR YAO DOE, giving back to society is an integral part of his life even before he stepped into the world of business.

As the President and Executive Chairman of Doscar Holdings, an international conglomerate that encompasses hospitality, travel & tourism, real estate, rental of luxurious vehicles and logistics, Mr. Doe’s philanthropy is second to none in Ghana, Nigeria and Cote d’Ivoire, the location of his African operations.

Very recently, the dramatic and bubbly Mr. Doe, who is stylishly referred to as #KingOscar or #ChairmanOscar, attended the 2019 graduation of Madam Victoria Nyameke Memorial Kindergarten, a Montessori school he established few years ago in honor of his grandmother, in Dabala, a town in the Volta Region.

The school, which can comfortably compete with Montessori schools in Accra, is tuition-free with King Oscar financing the entire running of the school including feeding and provision of teaching and learning materials. His belief is location should not be a hinder to progress on the educational and or economic ladder.

Since the establishment of the Madam Victoria Nyameke Memorial Kindergarten, Mr. Doe has brought not just a school but hope to the people of Dabala, a town that has seen its youth and energy migrate west to Accra in search of greener pastures. The children who graduate from the school go on to excel in institutions of higher learning in the town.

Despite a very active social media lifestyle, especially on Instagram, hardly does Mr. Doe talk about his philanthropic and generous moves. But in a rare post a few days ago, he touched on some of his activities and the impact such activities have had that got Instagram and bloggers buzzing.

“For many years, I was so naïve I didn’t realise I have done something monumental for society till my eyes started opening recently because of the massive transformation my actions have impacted into many communities! This is Wow Wow Wow! I felt so proud of myself! I am thankful to God for this special grace!”

At our school in Dabala (#KingOscarSchool) we provide free breakfast and lunch for the children, the school admission is free, tuition is free, we recruit university graduate teachers only, We pay all teachers salary including allowances. We provide all teaching text books; we provide accommodation for teachers! The school is colourful and fashionable,” he posted.

Disability is not inability

Touching further on the graduation ceremony, Ruth, one of the pupils, who is wheelchair-bound, also graduated and to wit, Mr. Doe noted that disability is just an English word because one’s ability defines a person’s destination. He added that Ruth has an extended scholarship all the way to university.

“She is awesome and resilient. Ruth is the symbol of inspiration in our school. We feel so blessed to have her in our midst. I am so proud of my students. We are the only elegant, stylish and fashionable rural area school in Ghana. We are also the only school in rural Ghana with Montessori curriculum.”

A father of a community

Describing himself aptly as a proud father of a community, he has supported more than 100 people to universities in Ghana, supported many to do masters’ degrees abroad, built schools, adopted schools including the Bassam Orphanage in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, and undertook a game changing move for the children of Teshie Royal Orphanage in Accra.

He has supported many small scale businesses with capital injection, and for those who are unable to enter the university or complete one, he helps them get either a vocational or technical training.

A lover of arts and creativity

For the past two decades, Mr. Doe, who is a professed lover of arts and creativity, has backed many artists and artistes in Ghana, Nigeria & Cote d’Ivoire. A visit to his office or residence supports this claim as you will be met with many artworks and paintings hanging or leaning against walls. Through his purchase of paintings, many have seen their stock rise.

King Oscar has transformed the appearance of celebrities on red carpet events in Ghana, Nigeria and Cote d’Ivoire through the annual Eurostar Fashion Review Panel for Red Carpets, where celebrities are rewarded with shopping vouchers to Paris and other European capitals for being the best dressed celebrity at high profile events such as the VGMAs, Ghana Movie Awards and others. To Mr. Doe, if a person is able to make decisions that are larger than oneself, such a person should always be happy. “If you’re able to put everyone’s interest above yours = you should be happy,” he said in another post.

Celebrity endorsements

Since his post, several celebrities in music, movies and society have commended his work and urged him to keep on supporting the less privileged in society.

Rapper and Hepatitis B awareness campaigner, Okyeame Kwame said he is happy Mr. Doe has published his good works since this is how others who have but lack the knowledge to help will be inspired to join in helping the underprivileged. “Keep inspiring the world. You are obviously an example for putting other’s interest first. You are very selfless.”

Kalybos, the comedian and technology investor, said: “Happiness is within us. My Mentor.” Selly Galley, the actress, television and event host, said: God bless you”. With Confidence Haugen, the nightclub owner and socialite, also adding, God bless you big brother.” James Gardiner, the actor, also said: “God bless you Oscar!!”

YemmeYbaba, a Nigerian blogger based in Ghana for years, in an Instagram post eulogized Mr. Doe for his philanthropy and generosity not just in Ghana but in Nigeria, where he is now seen as a first class citizen. “Oscar Yao Doe, the famous successful Ghanaian businessman is indeed a 1st Class Citizen, in the real sense of it in Nigeria. The Doscar Group CEO, already a shining light in his country home, Ghana, is as connected and influential as many of the biggest CEOs being talked about in Nigeria today. With a corporate portfolio that stands, this young-looking and infectiously-energetic achiever with his robust, classy social life makes him a delight of the ‘who is who’, everywhere you find him. Nigeria is one of the major places where Oscar has his hearts. He has never hidden his massive love for Nigeria and Nigerians. Apart from those benefiting from his thriving businesses in the country, so many Nigerians have been drinking from Oscar’s well of philanthropy. He has supported individuals, organizations, projects in various ways. He is well versed with the social-cultural set up of Nigeria. He is in invited as special guest at most big events held in Nigeria and organizers of the ones he physically attends count it a blessing. Oscar’s strong influence in Nigeria permeates key sectors including business, government, social circuit and the royalty,” he said.

Awards and recognitions

Mr. Doe’s consistent support for in all spheres of society has seen and continues to see him recognised at home and abroad. In 2017, his support to the music industry, which has seen him sponsor musicians directly and indirectly, led to him receiving the Music Industry Pillar Award 2017. An honour bestowed on him by the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA).

Again in 2017, he was honoured by The House of Odua & Queen Moremi Ajasoro Foundation, in recognition of his tireless and generous humanitarian services in a number of African countries. As a special member of the Royal Court of the Source, Ile-Ife, the Ooni, HRM Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi conferred on him the title of Agbeluro.

In November, 2017, he was held in high esteem at the 2017 Fashion Designers Association on Nigeria (FADA) Awards, for his mammoth contribution to the Nigerian and Ghanaian fashion industry.

The future plans

To cement his legacy, Mr. Doe plans to, in the next decade and a half; build a state of the art university in Dabala with the road leading to the school full of details, expression of style and elegance, sculptures, statement trees and flowers. The school’s architecture, he opines, would evoke a lot emotion for inspiration.

CREDIT – [Story]: B&FT  [Photos]: Instagram/Oscar Doe

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