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Tigo GHANA meets NAIJA came, saw…but did it conquer? – Adeyemi recounts


Sarkodie & Stonebwoy

After the much anticipated concert in 2015 was held on the 23rd of May, many have had the option to applaud the event house – Empire Entertainment for a job well-done.

Inasmuch as accolades are pouring in, we also have to be plain in discussing some of the off-key moments. It must be said that our intention in writing this review isn’t to create harm but to create a setting for a dreamlike interactive discourse on issues that affect the fans in relationship with the entertainment segment both in Accra, and the other nine regions. Just as we beat our chest and salute the team that made this year’s fifth anniversary happen, we shall repeat that no issue will be too small or too big to discuss here, thus, we apologize beforehand if we burst your bubbles a little bit.

In this piece, we have decided not to go the conventional way of commenting on and analyzing issues but allowing what we saw, the good, the bad and the somewhat ugly, both in exchange views, counter views, banters, back slaps and even pseudo jabs on matters germaine to the larger interest of the Ghanaian entertainment industry.

This year’s show came in well planned from the blast of the whistle, some performances went well, according to expectations but some went below the belt. Some performances were well received, whilst others had hiccups, but in all, a show well served will be remembered by the unborn.


Trust ‘Empire Entertainment’ when it comes to shakara display, they know how to do it in grandeur. As part of their mapped-out-plan for this year’s event, there were different seminars, press briefings among other things to insight the media, the public and everyone that never knew of such show before (probably from space).

Though it was glaring that Tigo telecommunication was riding on that to get their releases and messages out through this event, but that’s what you get when you cough out every penny from your coffers to become a title sponsor. Again the airport and hotel and radio stations paparazzi will remain the talk of the town’s discussion for the next couple of weeks.


Beyond flashing lights and loud music, good set lists was well put together and trust us that it was incredibly important. The night had it peaks and flowed according to the audience’s mood at different time. The right songs played in the right order made a huge amount of difference. But we cannot deny the fact that some acts just ‘wasted’ chunk of hours on stage. We shall be looking deeper into the main acts for the night, the Triple S squad versus the Mavins crew as it was publicized.


The response of the audience towards the acts gave us an immense insight into who wowed and who dampened the mood.

Shatta Wale’s entry which was surprising all and sundry, appearing from the audience with flags of Ghana and that of his SM unit was a beautiful sight but the brother lacked some kind of vibrancy to carry on with a performance worth the hype. We cannot conclude that he performed well because he was more of ridicule. Fine, he had almost all of his songs sung by the fans but did he perform well? NO!

Many have quizzed, “why did he go ‘mad’?” From where we stand, only the act would know why he did that. But was the action he took on stage reasonable? Were there young people who see him as role model in the audience? Were there matured souls who came to have fun in the audience? Should we condone the scene and say, “he was carried away?” with these questions in mind, you can see were our answer lies. He went overboard, simply put!

Sarkodie again showed that he was not shaken by the Ace Hood noise. He showed again that he was the true ‘Obidiponbidi’; he gave a performance worth paying for. Sang, danced, and communicated with his DJ and the audience alike. He responded to every pinch of request that his fans wanted him to grant.

When it got to his features – that of himself and Shatta Wale was one act we would love to see again and again. Their understanding on stage was not because Shatta had disgraced himself but because Sarkodie was the chief controller of his own stage and wasn’t going to allow any glitch to occur.

Stonebwoy for the first time had a lot of demons to battle with on that night. He was below-per-average. He was simply not the same vibrant lad who could keep the AICC agog with tunes after tunes. To us, he was the flop of the night without mincing words. Whatever might have made the current Artiste of the Year and BET nominee dwindle in the pecking order, must be serious and it must be noted that that performance was abysmal, appalling and devastating. He needs to quickly get his spirit energized and understand that these things sometimes do happen but certainly it shouldn’t be on a platform as huge as this. We wish him best of luck in his subsequent shows ahead.

Aside Sarkodie from Ghana who gave the home team something to ride on, the MAVINS crew comprising of Reekado Banks, Korede Bello, Dija, D Prince, Dr. Sid, led by Don Jazzy, all came well prepared. They came knowing that their first impression was going to live for posterity. From their composure on stage, mannerism, stage acts, serenading, drama and name it, these lads showed that they were in for a ‘good evening’.

Their performances went beyond just singing along with them to the tunes one knew or not. Though we had some of their lyrics not been known by some Ghanaians which would invariably have made them looked a little ridiculous, but instead it was an amazing output they gave on stage.


MzVee was the lady from the Ghanaian camp, but did she do what first ladies do? No! We are just tired of seeing her one-way kind of performances. She needs to restructure her style and perhaps take a break from the scene, travel far away and relax her mind, then come back with new ideas for the stage. She was dull, dragging and above all itchy.

DobbleGalaxyRuff N Smooth were vivid on the night. They knew their place; they understood the crowd and they didn’t forget that they needed that extra push to get the ladies twerking and the guys nodding to their tunes.

Keche and Nero X didn’t disappoint us as well. They were brilliant and we can only ask organizers to feature some of these acts more in their shows and see them grow into the big players we wish them to be.

Nigeria’s Sheyi Shay came as a surprise package and probably she was surprised herself because despite what she described as a ‘sterling’ performance when she spoke with us, the crowd wasn’t perturbed by it. The reason may be that her songs are not really promoted in Ghana – thus, majority could sing along or even smile at her.

Comedian DKB wasn’t really his best knowing the standard he has raised for himself. Two-thirds of his jokes were a complete repetition of what he cracked on the ‘Stonebwoy’s concert’ weeks before this particular night in context. Albeit, when two ‘fools’ meet, one’s diaphragm must respond to their charges; Afia Schwarzenegger’s short sketch with her partner-in-rib cracking paid off. She executed the ‘missing paper’ act beautifully.


Though the show didn’t start at the scheduled 8:00pm, it sure didn’t affect the production which had gathered immense publicity and when it ended at around 3:42am on Sunday thereabout, one can be assured that many would miss the first mass services or doze off while their pastors would be preaching. It’s time that event organizers learn to manage time factor and also understand that once the fans grow into appreciating you for your words, not keeping it is like breaking a promise.


One negative outcome of the show was that tickets were supposedly over-sold and no one from the Empire Entertainment camp can justify that they didn’t know what they were doing. If the AICC takes less than 2,000 heads and then over 3,500 tickets were printed, kindly do the calculations. Most VVIP and VIP ticket holders had to wait in the queue for a long time before they could be offered a seat. If anyone that attended the show came in minutes after 8:30pm on that night, then they can testify that everywhere behind the lower terrace was choked to its brim. Some camera men couldn’t get a place to mount their cameras. Those at the upper terrace could testify that the hall was totally filled up. The long queue outside was maddening, even though inside the main hall was deafening and filled to the brim.

In business, it is good for the organizers but not comfortable for the fans that came to have fun. At a point, the heat in the building was unbearable – but that is what you get when active publicity measures are put in place.


The issue of venue will continue to hunt us all until event organizers understand that it is time someone takes the bull by the horn and gather the balls to build a standard event center (s) so that what happened recently at the #TGMN 2015 will not reoccur.

When shows of this magnitude are massively publicized, we expect a turnout of about close to 10,000 persons – but where do you fix them? Inside a venue that takes less than 2,000 heads? Event organizers must wake up from their slumber of thinking of just making money, getting all the accolades and hence stop seeing this child’s play.


After five editions of this beautiful concept, many have through the social media ask when Nigeria will meet Ghana in what may look like a return fixture (in football parlance). Clearly, truth be told, the #TGMN 2015 was won by the MAVIN crew from Nigeria, no pun intended. And if the calculation as to who have won more games is anything to go by, then Nigeria 3 – 2 Ghana.

Empire Entertainment must start thinking of drawing this same intimacy, ambience and one-ness down to Nigeria and expect a massive outcome because that country truly love to party. Monetary wise, the profit for their first initiative in Nigeria may surpass all that they have accumulated in the past five Ghana editions.

It’s time to wake up to the challenge, dear Empire Entertainment.


Many have wondered how much did telecommunication giants, Tigo network pay to be the title sponsor for this year’s event beating MTN to it. When we dug deep, a source hinted that the amount that went in is enough to run the show twice back to back without any hiccup. With such amount, one can be calm to conclude that for MTN to be pushed to derrière, then the sky may continue to remain blue for a while until another color decides to ‘shake body’.

Before signing out, we must remind that the fifth anniversary was powered by Empire Entertainment and proudly brought to you by Tigo Music and supported by UniBank, Hennessy, Oak Plaza Hotel, Africa World Airlines, Best Western Hotel, Enovate, Mentos and Euro Star limousines.

If you missed 2015’s edition of the show, don’t you worry because 2016 promises another freaky epic moments.

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