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Tired, but not Dismayed by Aniré

We spend most of our youthfulness searching for the right love. We search and search, hoping that we’d find ‘The One’, ready & tailor fitted to love us just the way we desire. And in time, most of us do.

But in the process of searching, we sometimes find hurt instead. We find all the things we always feared, which go on to ruin our confidence and trust. Damaged people damage people, especially when healthy healing isn’t consciously and intentionally applied. For someone whose heart has been broken one too many times, my childish optimism for love opened up my heart to the possibilities of finding true love; and I’m so glad I didn’t give up.

I’ll admit, every love story has a backstory and not all ‘goal-like‘ relationships are as perfect as we perceive. Finding the perfect love starts with you working on yourself, your emotions, your ego and your character.

Being single was a great time to search within myself & find out if true love would want to love me just as I was.

There’s no perfect time to find true love. Work on being the right one for ‘The Right One’ while you wait, so love will find you ready to love at any given time of the day.

– With Love, From Love.

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