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TRINITY OIL introduces Quality Shield Lubricants to Boost Car Engine Performance

The rising cost of fuel across the world is making life unbearable for many people, especially owners of vehicles and commuters. While fuel prices keep soaring due to the climate change agenda which has reduced investments in oil and gas, as well as the Russia-Ukraine war,  prices of spare parts for vehicles have also been increasing due to exchange rate volatility, thus, compounding the problems of car owners.

In a bid to help car owners to save income amid the rising cost of fuel and spare parts, Trinity Oil Company has introduced to the Ghanaian market quality lubricants from Shield one of the best lubricant producers to boost engine performance.

Among the lubricants is Motor Cresol which is good for both diesel and petrol engines for commercial vehicles; Fleet Power Multi which enhances the performance of diesel engines and makes them last longer; Pro Gear SAE HD is recommended for buses and trucks under severe conditions; CNG Power which is good for gas engines; Performance Formula 4T, power booster for motorcycle and Pro ATF TQ helps the power steering perform better.

Speaking to the media, the Executive Director of Trinity Oil Company Limited, Gabriel Kumi, said when it comes to automotive lubricants, people generally think of the engine oil and transmission fluid.

He said both reduce friction, therefore, fighting or delaying wear and tear. He added that it also cleans and cools parts of the car, increasing fuel economy and extending the life of your engine.

“Now fake and substandard oils and lubricants lack the right additives or if you like ingredients to ensure that they perform these roles very well hence it causes more damage to the vehicle. It is the reason why we have brought onto the Ghanaian market a product recognized worldwide to be of top tier quality and standard and more importantly, one that is also reasonably priced. And I am talking here of Shield Lubricants. So people will not sacrifice quality on the altar of cost-effectiveness but with shield lubricants, they can have both and save their cars and the pockets too,” he explained.

 By Michael Creg Afful

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