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VAR wahala…This was made for ‘them’, and by ‘them’



Dear ‘jùúlor’ FIFA,

i’m not a happy lad today because you are a bunch of [ir]relevant crooks! Your ojoro-tokunbo-VAR only works for oyinbo-peppers like you guys!

Why am I still wailing like brother Bob & his Wailing Wailers, knowing so well that FIFA arguably means, Football Isn’t For All… (no pun intended) Why have we consistently maintained a cosy relationship with our ‘best friend,’ Argentina?

* In 1994, they beat us 2-1. *In 2002, they knocked us out with just one devastating upper cut (1-0).

*In 2010, they hit us again in the solar plexus with one dangerous blow (1-0) that made nonsense of Naija soccer room strategies and permutations.

*Now in 2018, they have beaten us.

After your treacherous hanky-panky, i’m of a fact that, that stupid ojoro-tokunbo-VAR was invented in a village called Humahuaca… mwtcheeeeeeeeeeew! 🦅🇳🇬💔

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