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Victoria Michaels’ remembrance letter to the late KOFI ANSAH from Istanbul


Kofi Ansah

Hse No 3 Gold street,

Light Avenue,



Dearest Kofi,


There is no need to inquire about your welfare, going by your latest address; you are most certainly in a better place. Kofi, we have all missed you, your transition took us all by surprise but we are grateful to God for a life well spent on this side of the Terra-Firma.

A lot have happened since the last time we met a little over one year ago. I remember how reassuring you sounded as I raised my concern regarding your health. As I sat on the edge of the bed watching you, I couldn’t help but wonder how strong you always are for the people around you.

Since you relocated to your now permanent address, a lot have been happening. I want to start by telling you some of the very notable ones; On the economic front, we are due to take delivery of the first batch of the IMF bailout, I know your Pan-African spirit would have disapproved of it and sure that by now you would be making mockery of your friends in government as to why Mother got here. I see your new residence is located at the Light Avenue, how interesting considering the extent of ceaseless power cut we now experience across the country.

The “Dumsor” phenomenon has now eaten deeply into the very fabric of both our social and economic life. I know where you stood on economic empowerment for our people, not just in Ghana but for Africa in general.  For instance, you have always insisted that the two major criteria needed to develop a country like Nigeria is corrupt less leadership and steady power supply; I hope we do not have to make such wishes for Ghana some years from now, I sincerely hope not.

Well, enough of economic talk, though I know how passionate you are about the economy and politics. Kofi, we all have missed you, I spoke with your dear wife a few days ago, she was very sweet, and from what I gathered from our conversation she really is trying her best to immortalize you, I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing down my eyes after our conversation. Between the both of us, we believe that you are already immortalized in the heart of everyone that crossed your part. Kofi, who can ever forget you,  you are simple yet so prolific, so pragmatic yet visionary, you came ahead of your time, touched many, helped your world, illuminated all that came your way. How can we possible forget this LEGEND that blazed the trail of the Africa Continent living inspiration on his heels?

Beloved Kofi, I want to thank you for your love, consistency, commitment and honesty towards me. You made sure I stayed focused on the goal, always insisted that “success is what happens when opportunity meets preparation” Indeed that is true. Your visionary leadership as a Fashion Icon transcends every field of human Endeavour. You are recognized as Africa true Fashion Statesman. I am proud to be associated with you and the legacy you left behind. My closeness to you left me a person than I was before I met you. I know you are proud of me but I am even more proud of you. We can never stop relishing on your undying legacies.

You are a true mentor, it was under your tutelage that the VICTORIA MICHAELS brand was birth; you actually succeeded in creating an emerging fashion brand from Africa. THANK YOU KOFI!

Presently, I am writing you this letter from a Part of Europe you often talk about when you go into that endless fashion and fabric rendition that only you can give.  Being here and writing you come with a lot of mixed feelings…………… I am crying Kofi……………… I love you.

I celebrate one of Africa’s greatest gifts to the World

You are the True Champion of Africa Fashion


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