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VICTORIA NAASHIKA QUAYE: a source of genuine upliftment whose beauty was picked out of fire with enchanting curriculum vitae

VICTORIA NAASHIKA QUAYE is that beautiful smooth lady whose passion to see others stay healthy started from the tender age of nine, and till date, her advocacy has had her paint (still painting) a lot of amazing pictures ever delivered in the hearts of many. Fast forward, having worked in the water industry for over fifteen years, focusing on clean portable water for every individual in Ghana, it’s no debate as to how delightfully the Ghana Institute of Journalism and Water Treatment at Center for Education and Advance Training (USA) graduate enjoys icing other people’s cakes.

Because of her honest commitment to her significance, Ytainment News decided to hear more from the damsel who doubles as an entertainment aficionado. “My interest for clean and portable water has edge me to find myself in the borehole and water treatment industry just to be more knowledgeable in: Production of mineral water, Borehole drilling technics, Water treatment, its equipment and accessories.”

During our discussion with Naashika the CEO of Naaviq Company Limited, we found out that United Nations Youth Ghana made her the Ambassador for Clean Water and Sanitation at the UN Youth Ghana (SDG6) due to her passion to train the youth in Ghana.

In the mood of talking about her and her vision to become the leading preferred brand water treatment expert and engineering firm across Africa by making sure only quality water is on the market, it will be affirmative to tell you a bit about Naaviq Company Limited.

NAAVIQ COMPANY LIMITED provides community water project, borehole drilling, water treatment, water consultancy, customized bottled water, dispenser mineral water and water treatment training. They have come up with their own solution for communities, homes, industries and many more that lack water. They have worked with various companies and firms as clients; in water treatment and borehole drilling, they have a client base of about thirty and still counting. In Water Supply, they supply over 200 clients with water. They are also a perfect consultant for individuals to start their own companies in the water industry.

The company’s interest in excellence has earned Naashika to become a Global Speaker in at international and global conferences, seminars, workshops, universities as well as technical schools all over Ghana. Also, she was selected alongside Prof. Stephen Adei of Ashesi University, to speak at the second transcultural leadership summit 2017 which was held at Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

She was selected as one of the promising 100 young people on the continent to participate in a youth forum with the former heads of state at the conference co-hosted by the Thabo Mbeki Foundation (South Africa) and the Uongozi Institute (Tazania).

She was the guest speaker and chairperson at the 6th Annual GNUTS Women’s Conference; she was also chosen as a contestant in the Water Women Competition organized by Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), a panelist at Chow Ghana/Essense 13 Food Forum, and an intense advocate for ‘drink water for health and not for thirst.’

For many who would appreciate what Naashika and her company are doing, thus, want their services, contact:

Naaviq Company Limited

Ayawa Street, House No. B72/5,

Quarters – Bubuashie, Behind Accra Academy

Box GP 2061, Accra – Central.

0303965124 / +233 277840705 /+233 501523889




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