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Wanlov equates Ghana’s sickness greater than Ebola 


Here is how News-One got WANLOV to shed more light on what he really meant by “Ghana’s problem is bigger than the dangerous Ebola”…enjoy below.



Afro-gypsy musician, Wanlov the Kubolor, says there is a disease in Ghana that is deadlier than the Ebola virus or the Cholera that is currently killing a lot of Ghanaians.

According to Wanlov, instead of wasting their time in church, Ghanaians should concentrate on how to rid themselves of the diseases he calls ‘corruption’ and ‘lies’.

“We have a very serious sickness right now in the country. Ghana is currently hard because most of us don’t care about the country, we care about church and how nice heaven will be so we don’t want to fix the problems in Ghana.”

“Most people believe that instead of trying to solve our problems, we should rather pray. We are using prayer to waste time instead of doing the work we have to do to clean Ghana and make Her a better place. When I say clean Ghana, I’m not only talking about filth around which is bringing us the diseases like the Cholera that is killing us more than the Ebola. I’m talking about the corruption in our minds, hearts, the lies we tell to ourselves and believe them whiles we are lying to other people at the same time,” he told NEWS-ONE.

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