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When the Cake is not right, the Icing is not right…HRH OSCAR DOE Laments Ghana’s Painful Story Since Rawlings Left Power

The chairman of Doscar Group, HRH Oscar Yao Doe (King Oscar) today xrayed the negative mentality of Ghana’s leadership in the past years, which has impeded the country’s development for almost two decades now. In a personal post he did on social media today, which he titled ‘Our Painful Story Since Year 2000 After President Rawlings Left Power Gracefully’, the businessman and philanthropist wrote…

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Our Painful Story Since Year 2000 After President Rawlings Left Power Gracefully: When The Political Elites Keep Collecting Moneys From Businesses & Wealthy Individuals to Fund Their Political Ambitions When They Needed It Most Especially When They Find Themselves in An Opposition Bench, At That Moment They Are Your Great Great Friend & Your Businesses, Then When They Get That Temporary Power With Extreme Privileges and Fully Funded By The State Including Free Accommodation, Free Fuel, Free Travelling Expenses, Free Free Free at The Expense of Tax Payers Then All of a Sudden Their Memories Are Wiped Out Immediately Into Dustbin ,Then They Feel Soo Foolishly and Hollow Powerful,They Even Think They Have Become Powerful Than God! Wow Wow Wow They Said, And They Foolishly Thinks They Have State Apparatus In Their Pockets And They Can Use It To Harass And Destroy Businesses & Some Targeted Individuals on Their Advance List ,The Sad Aspect is That they Destroy The Same Businesses They Have Been Milking Money Money Money from Including The Banks They Have Collapsed Deliberately, This Kind of Mindset Is Outdated, We Cannot Create The Needed Environment To Generate Wealth & Shared Prosperity For Our People With This Kind of 1960,s & 1970,s Era Of Mentality,Ghana Deserves Better, Getting Power Doesn't Translate Automatically Into Personal Ownership of The Nation ,Our Leaders Are Not Realizing That Our State Institutions Has Become Soo Classic and Soo Noble, Our Institutions Has Become The Symbol of Hope Especially The Security Institutions ( National Security,BNI, Army Intelligence Units, Police Intelligence Units and EOCO, ) So You Cannot Be Successfully Use Them For Personal Vendetta, You Cannot Because They have Experience When The So Called Powerful Used Them & Dumped Them, So Their Allegiance is To The State of Ghana Only" and I Salute Our State Institutions Especially The Security Forces, and Our Civil Society Organisations,Religious Organisations & The Media Organisations,and Our Creative Arts Industry For Standing Tall !!! Kudos! May God Blessed You All For Your Sacrifices and Service To The Nation. Ayekoo! Ayekoo! Ayekoo! Ghana Shall Rise Again!

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“The political elites keep collecting moneys from businesses and wealthy individuals to fund their political ambitions when they needed it most, especially when they find themselves in the Opposition Bench. At that moment, they are your Great, Great friends and your businesses. Then, when they get that temporary power with extreme privileges fully funded by the state;  including free accommodation, free fuel, free travelling expenses, free free free, at the expense of Tax Payers.
Then, all of a sudden, their memories are wiped out immediately into the dustbin. Then, they feel soo foolishly and hollow. They even think they have become powerful than God!
Wow, Wow, Wow, (they would say), and they foolishly think they have state apparatus in their pockets. And that they can use it to harass and destroy businesses and some targeted individuals on their Advance List.
The sad aspect is that they destroy the same businesses they have been milking money from; including the banks they have collapsed deliberately.
This kind of mindset is outdated! We cannot create the needed environment to generate wealth and shared prosperity for our people with this kind of 1960s & 1970s mentality, 
Ghana deserves better. Getting power doesn’t
translate automatically into personal ownership of the nation. 
Our leaders are not realizing that our state institutions have become so classic and so noble. Our institutions has become the symbol of hope, especially the security institutions; (National Security ,BNI, Army Intelligence Units, Police Intelligence Units and EOCO). So, they cannot be successfully used for personal vendetta. Their allegiance is to the State of Ghana Only! 
I salute our state institutions, especially the security forces and our civil society organisations, religious organisations and the media organisations, and our Creative Arts industry for standing tall!!! Kudos! May God bless  them all for their sacrifices and service to the nation. Ayekoo! Ayekoo! Ayekoo! Ghana Shall Rise Again!”

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