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WOMAN finds out her BOYFRIEND is having an AFFAIR after Restaurant STAFF let it slip…she takes to TikTok to explain what happened

Restaurant staff unwittingly exposed an unfaithful boyfriend by letting it slip who he was enjoying his meal with. Girlfriend Felicia Burzotta claimed she became suspicious ahead of the meal that he was seeing someone else behind her back.

The woman took to TikTok to explain what happened – and it quickly went viral with more than 3.6 million views.

She was applauded for her honesty – and quick thinking, which led to others sharing their stories.

In it, she wrote: “When he said he was going to dinner with the boys but I thought he was lying so I called the restaurant he was at and I pretended I was coordinating a surprise party for him. I asked the hostess who was there yet…his boys or his sister? She said his sister.”

To add insult to injury, Felicia said she found a fake eyelash in his bed the day after too.

In another video, she explained that she had a “hunch” that he was cheating on her with another woman.

“She was everywhere, she was always around, you just couldn’t get rid of her,” she said.

“So anyway, I just had a feeling and I called the restaurant and said ‘Hey, I really want to surprise my boyfriend for his birthday.

“‘We’re going to need a bigger table, I don’t know who is there with though, is he with his sister or his friends.

“‘The girl asked what he looked like and I described him and said what he was wearing.

“She said ‘Oh I see him!, he’s with his sister’ and I was like oh which sister, is it the brunette sister or the blonde sister?

“Mind you, I’m looking for a blonde b****. And she affirmed that it was the blonde sister. So that’s how I found out.'”

In another video, Felicia said that she thought the hostess knew she wasn’t really looking for his ‘sister’ but played along.

To make things worse, she was out of town visiting family in New York when she discovered the truth.

But once she returned, she travelled to his house and found a fake eyelash in the bed, which she knew wasn’t hers as she had lash extensions.

Long story short, the couple is no longer together surprisingly, and Felicia says she’s living her best life.

One woman commented: ‘You didn’t lose your mind, you used it!!”

Another said: “Always trust your gut feeling.”

A third added: “So smart but I’m so sorry.”

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