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WORLD VITILIGO DAY…All you need to know about this Skin Condition

World Vitiligo Day has been observed every June 25th since 2011, an initiative aimed at creating and increasing awareness about vitiligo globally.

Here is all you need to know about Vitiligo…

Vitiligo is a skin disorder where pale white patches appear on the skin. This depigmentation is believed to happen due to a lack of melanin pigment that gives the skin its characteristic color. In other words, vitiligo occurs when pigment-producing cells (melanocytes) stop producing melanin, causing white patches to develop on your skin or hair. It can affect any area of the body but it mostly appears on the face, neck, arms, and skin creases. Vitiligo can affect people of all skin types, but it is more noticeable in individuals with darker skin, it can also affect people of any gender, age or ethnic group, it can also be hereditary.

Any chemical, sun, or unwanted exposure to the affected area can worsen the impact, the main sign of vitiligo is the appearance of white patches on the skin, and these patches may be on the face, lips, hands, elbow, feet, arms, armpits, eyes, nostrils, navel and genitals. People with vitiligo also experience premature whitening or greying of hair on their scalp.

Vitiligo is not a life-threatening disease. In extreme situations, a person with vitiligo can experience loss of hearing, inflammation in the iris, and sunburn skin (these are rare cases). However, if you notice any of these, seek medical help.

People suffering from vitiligo often face discriminatory behavior from their friends, family, and peers. Some of them even get teased and bullied in school; this mostly affects them on a deeper psychological level. Vitiligo patients mostly deal with, increased self-consciousness, a higher level of perceived stigma and disability, low self-esteem, anger, and poor quality of life in general, they often feel embarrassed or distressed with their appearance. Some vitiligo patients either end up getting into a deep depression or commit suicide.

Vitiligo is a non-contagious condition, social stigma is a large problem vitiligo patient’s face, in order to change this narrative, let us join hands and makes them feel comfortable in their skin, and help vitiligo patients get the much-desired representation. Don’t stare at them weirdly, love them, do not bully them, stop the rejection.


Credit: Jolaade Oladimeji – Senior Editor at Ytainment News

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