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YUNIZAAH: an engrossing brand, someone’s most extraordinary gift on Earth – beautiful enough to sculpt a narrative headline by (for) itself

You would agree with us that the HANDBAG is an essential element of a woman’s wardrobe that is functional and fashionable. Throughout history, both men and women used handbags for practical purposes like to carry wallets, lipstick, money weapons, tools, food and other essentials. Furthermore, you would concur also that Egyptians of the Old Kingdom (2686 – 2160 BC) used double handled bags made of linen and papyrus. The Ancient Greeks carried byrsa, or coin purses hung from the belt which could be hidden in folds of clothing. Enough of the folktales that we didn’t see but told and get vivacious for what we can see, feel, touch and even own, and that’s – YUNIZAAH Handbags by the genius-embodied, Mariam Yunizaah Musah. For those who have come in contact with the brand, they have testimonies of how charismatic and pure quality the handbag whose original idea came from Tamale (the Northern part of Ghana) is. As Valentine Day approaches, heart pounding dramas are bound to transpire but as always you can prevent settings for a revival of old or incessant warfare by gifting your loved ones with the most extraordinary gift on Earth – the YUNIZAAH brand. In our usual fashion, we decided to visit the Creative Director who doubles as the CEO, Mariam to tell us how she made her brand the stuff of cloud-9.

‘Handmade is Luxury’, that’s the slogan of the brand YUNIZAAH – tell us how this brand started

Yunizaah is an exclusive & unique brand. We produce very unique, rare & stylish bags plus accessories all customized and handmade. Yes our slogan is ‘handmade is luxury’ that’s because handmade are underrated but they are the best luxury one can ever keep. Handmade gets better with time. It’s like fine wine – so its luxury.

Being an entrepreneur in this part of our world can be sometimes herculean, how far has the task of reaching and touching the skies been for you?

It will forever be herculean. Success doesn’t happen overnight, it takes a lot of work. It’s always a new challenge every single day. But knowing where we’re going or where we see ourselves in the future keeps us going. We handle it like A BOSS and we keep pushing.

Competition in this field of yours conspicuously come tops, how do you manage competition and competitors?

We take it as a motivation. We know we are different; no one does or can do what we do. So we don’t see it as competition – rather it motivates us to go harder and be among the best of the best. It’s always less competition at the TOP & there’s where we are.

Some customers can be demanding, frustrating and so much more, any peculiar story of you and a customer that made you feel like giving up on this trend?

We love and appreciate each customer that comes our way. Whether they just called to buy or make any inquiries. Some do give a tough time but that helps us get better with it. We learn from every experience with them and do better. It’s all about understanding; we are all different and understand things differently, so with customers like that, we try to hold our peace. Funny part, most of them end up being the best. Once we understand each other…No I haven’t had any that made me felt like giving up – but rather they make us go harder.

Let’s delve deeper into the brand, tell us the types of BAGs and their different uniqueness

Our bags are all made from cowhides and animal skin, which goes through a lot of process. We do not use any type of machines. We have quiet number of bags, which each comes with a name. We mix the cowhide which is pure leather with the animal skin to produce a product. The cowhide is usually the longest process. From being socking into water for days, to taking the hairy part out and dying it to various colors we want. We do use a little box pepper in some to get the shapes right. Knowing which color or which skin to use for a particular bag brings out its uniqueness. Our bestselling is GAMA KIMA; it was our first product.

Aside Bags, YUNIZAAH is into other things like the Jackets, what motivated that?

As the CEO, I’m a very creative person, I love looking different. I was looking for a jacket to wear for an occasion. I couldn’t find any that gave me the ‘wow feeling’ so I said let me crest what I would love to wear. Then “boom!” Everyone at the occasion asked where I got it from and if I could hook then up. That’s the fairytale of the Yunizaah Jacket came about.

Aside dominance in Ghana, where else has the evangelism of ‘Yunizaah Bags’ reached so far?

We have a very massive support from a lot of women. Most of them are celebrities and socialites with lots of audiences from every part of the world you can think of – with their help, support and love for our work; we have been able to reach every part. Sometimes we get orders from countries and we’re in shock.

The presence of social media in our days cannot be ruled out, how has this played a (major) role in the kind of reach you envisage?

Our brand was built off social media from DAY1. It’s an online store where we sell. Like we said earlier, celebrities and socialites helped in we been accepted in homes.

For new converts who would love to be associated with your brand, how do they get in touch? Kindly give us phone number, social media handles and information on how the public can reach brand YUNIZAAH

Website: www.yunizaahstore com

Instagram & Facebook: @yunizaah

Twitter: @yunuzaahgh

Phone number [Call/ WhatsApp]: +233553161021

Photos credit: yunizaah.com

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