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Zeenat Dibkuu is set to embark on the NORTHERN NETWORK INITIATIVE

Due to proximity, slow access to instant information, cost of data and other constraints, the North does less than its full potential. In their bit to narrow this gap the NORTHERN NETWORK INITIATIVE got created to linkup the North and its people with fair opportunities and representation for free.

The North is resourced enough, especially in human capital to push its people, businesses and development to full potential.

A lot of projects and strategic partnerships will be rolled out mainly quarterly, unless it has an emergency deadline then that project will be published immediately.

Keep following this initiative; because they might just publish a project that interests/benefits you.

Do you know a project that can benefit the North and its people? Quickly email them directly on: zeenat.dibkuu@gmail.com

To participate

– Go to Instagram

– Follow @zeenat_zita

-Tag others to see this opportunity

– DM them your details.

Keep watching the Instagram page (@zeenat_zita  ) for upcoming project initiatives.

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